Hard to see the BLUE team players on maps-gltiches

Im loving the beta so far. I just wish i could of played some objective game types or no radar.

I find it hard to pick up some of the blue team players on certain areas of the maps.

I don’t know if its the shadows or my t.v but there is a difference when playing against the red team when seeing other players. The blue team color is to dark.

Ive been stuck in the post-game lobby to may times without the option to back out.

  • Had a ringing sound of my points accumlating in the post game lobby carry on right to the home screen. Very annoying sound. It did stop on return to home screen.

Im finding it hard to ninja players that chase me around corners, it keeps trying to ground and pound most of the time.

Id much rather ninja someone in the back.

-Jumping in mid air while zooming in causes my player to hover all the time, even more when sniping, this is very frustrataing. please make the ground and pound a diffrent combo then the jump button. i do like the jump and pound. adds another option.

  • I feel like the DMR is use less now. Nobody really picks it up unless they have to. Why not dis-continue and try a different weapon

This game has tons of potential.Please listen to your community and lets get halo back to the top.