Hard to find players with mics

I just played 10 ranked games and only in 1 game teammates had mics. Why is this happening? people really don’t have mics? Or prefer not to use them?


personally the last thing I want to do is interact with a gamer, I turned that off before my first game, as well as chat.


I got a mic about 3 years ago. After using it for about 2 weeks, I put it in the drawer. From having to listen to the $hit dribble of 10 year olds all the way to death threats from older players, I had a gutfull and that was that.


What’s the point in using it? You don’t get anything extra for teamwork or winning games. I’d rather listen to some music than a mouth breather or some kid being yelled at by his mum cause he hasn’t done his chores.


I only really use mine if I’m actually playing the game. If I’m grinding challenges, don’t worry about what I’m doing. Play your own game :joy:

I was actually really happy about the ping system being added. I’ve been using it frequently because I’m tight on cash and have higher priorities to contend to other than getting something to speak words to strangers I probably won’t meet again.

Maybe people just don’t wanna enable mics to hear some sweat eating the mic and breathing really loudly.
From my experience back in the day, -Yoink!- annoys me to high heavens and I don’t bother using mics period.

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In my case I keep my mic off because:
I don’t want to talk to begin with competitive or not, I do well enough without a mic.
If the people I talk with want to party up, it becomes a commitment and then I have to keep talking, and there’s no real nice way of saying “I don’t want to talk to you longer than I have to because of who I am as a person.”
I have no clues about this other player, s/he might get mad in two seconds, scream, say something racist, be unenjoyable to be around in general, they might not, but I’ve never been a gambler, and I won’t start now.
You have been muted because of constant background noise or your mic is poor in quality.
Just because I inform you someone is “Oneshot, top mid” or vice-versa does not mean you or I possess the skill to get to that location and do anything with the info in a reasonable time frame without anything going wrong, such as another player showing up to save his teammate, this is not to say that call-outs and communication aren’t useful, but with a stranger you don’t know, expecting everything to go smoothly is a stretch.
I have pinged all relevant info, enemy locations, the power drop at your feet, and have do not feel obligated to say it out loud.
I can hear you say all relevant info and do not need a mic to act upon it.
I am legit just shy and do not want to be left alone to talk with a random.

This isn’t to be mean or anything, but there are a lot of reasons people may not want to plug in their mic, assuming they have one.
Look at the forums and try to group up with others looking for a group, if you play on Xbox or have the xbox app, you can use the LFG feature on that!


uhhh… becauase they are annoying? lol

also, want to check out the campaign trailer?
just add the h, :stuck_out_tongue:

I use it and have meet some cool people that do. Gaming is a social thing to me. Always has been. But ima people person


I haven’t spoken in game chat in twelve years.

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I have only really just started with Halo ( a couple of months ago ). I used the mic for a couple of days, because I thought it would help to win games, coordinate with the other players and just get some help being new to the game. I was doing the MCC, play 2 matchmaking challenge and didn’t really know how to use the selection menu. I was put into one of the 30 minute games, where the skulls come on and I found it very difficult. It was on a map I had never been on before and I fell off the map a couple of times. One of the other players got very abusive, even threatening to butt r*pe me, if I committed suicide again. I wasn’t committing suicide, I simply didn’t know the map and I am new. As I simply won’t be spoken to like that, I have not used the mic since. My Husband has since shown me how to use the menu and I only do the 20 minute games with unlimited ammo.

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This beta auto defaults people to “Voice Chat Mode” as disabled so people don’t even know why people can’t hear them.

Another thing is the check boxes for “fireteam and Lobby Chat” and “Match Chat” are EXTREMELY annoying and I, myself, me, had to keep checking and unchecking team every few games as I would stop hearing the people I was in a full BTB party with.

Having no mic gets so lonely. Especially ranked? Like c’mon. How are you going to have no mic in ranked. There needs to be a setting for this as I want to only find people with mics… but I also want to mute people by bringing up the scorecard. They made it way more difficult on PC and you have to press Escape, then Tab, then find the unorganized names and mute from there, It’s not fun.

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games new people still dont even know how to turn it on. and cant find the button thinking im sure its enabled by default lol.

Because people don’t want to get verbally abused in every game they go into.

Nowadays if you have a mic and talk the chances of someone verbally abusing you for no reason is so high that people don’t put up with it anymore.

I don’t want to talk to some sweaty 12 year old talking -Yoink!- to me and griefing me just because I want to play the objective and actually try to win.

If you do want that you’re probably a pervert to be perfectly honest,


Wow look at these responses, who knew gamers would be so anti social :joy:

I get some people want to chill and play. For me Xbox live was the most fun when it was a social experience, when everyone had mics and talked but that was a very long time ago! I don’t understand people who prefer to sit in silence on a multiplayer game

Is that sarcasm? Lol. Isn’t the cliche that gamers are anti social?

Nowdays most of the people tal a lot of BS or start screaming for no reason and that’s annoying or if you don’t speaking the language of the person also you start being insulted.

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Yes, was the emoji visible to you or is it just on my end?

I don’t think it’s the emoji that caused the issue. I think it’s the fact the internet isn’t a good place to try and convey sarcasm when all you have to go on is text.

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