hard times with halo

Im having a lil trouble and everyone is posting it on bungie.net ! They had a fit when i posted the same thing that allot of people have asking about the network being down and they were gonna ban me if i sent something like that out again ! Everyone is a recruit because of the transfer from bungie to 343 ? When i hit start my credits and rank are still the same but in the match making list it says we are recruits and my credits are maxed and i know there not can someone please help me

Nothing we can do unfortunately. You’re just gonna have to wait it out.

lol learn2read the billion threads about this already.

just making sure that everyone is going threw the same stuff thanks for the help

show me where they are at so i can see them im a rookie on here but thanks for the help

The thread that I’m keeping updated is here:


PS: Welcome!