Hard pass on £5 odd helmets

Too much for 1 item. Simple as that. 700cr for 1 item.

I know we will earn some credits in the BP but that’s yet to be shared how much and if it’s in the paid pass section.

Better price for sure, and I love how items are more singular now but its still too costly for me personally especially as a collector. I’ll hold off till the price is lowered or my favourite helmet pops up in the future.

Edit: Battle passes are only £10 in comparison, now I get you need to charge X amount per item but this is why your BP sells far more, singular items are too expensive, especially for me.


To add insult to insult, the battle pass you mentioned includes the MK V version of the same helmet. Like really? They think one helmet from the battle pass is worth over half the battle pass?

I know, it’s technically not the same helmet, but come on :pensive:


Yeah I was honestly hoping things would be 200cr each at max, and 150cr for a shoulder/knee guard.

I know that may seem abit picky but that’s still 200 helmet, 200chest, 300for both shoulders, 150knee guards so roughly 850cr which I feel is very good for a full armor set and more in line with other games.

Maybe its because its legendary? But I dont see any difference in rarity when they’re store brought not earned.

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