Hard Light Shield Rotation

Alright, now I’m not sure how many of you use the Hard Light Shield, but, I use it quite frequently and after some time spent with it; I believe it is need of a slight change; primarily it’s rotation speed. I believe that the rotation speed needs to be increased; as of right now it rotates to slow. Proof (one could say) is that it has become common practice to run around the shield and simply hit (or shoot) the Spartan behind it because he cannot rotate fast enough (or is simply un-cooridinated).I have expierienced this problem many times in both ranged and melee scenarios the Hard Light Shield really only works if your opponent is directly infront of you, which is usually the case, but this would help for those speacial occasions where your opponent is intelligent and realizes that he’s not getting anywhere attacking the shield head on. Getting back to it, I’m not suggesting the rotation speed be increased to where you could walk accross the map deflect everyones bullets by doing 360s with the Hard Light Shield, but to where you could at the minimum stop a mad man (be it a sword, rifle butt or laser) from simply running around the shield to remove your face.On a final note, this wouldn’t be a buff nesscarily if anything it’s more of a double edged sword. You have the chance to block more attacks or expose your-self to more keeping it balanced since you might block all of Joe’s attacks only to be stabbed in the back by his friend Jim. What do you guys think?

wat, the shield can rotate?

My only problem is that it ends alil too fast for being a pure defense AA and spamming only empties it really fast.double duration is fine im not talking about walk across map duration just long enough to hold off a few barrages.It would hardly make it overpowered.If not in war games atleast do it for spartan ops and campaign.By the way yes i agree that it needs to turn faster i run 10 sensitivity and the thing still turns like a semi-truck lol.It is a strong AA to use but takes tremendous faith in your teammates because if it goes down your dead.It is definitely a excellent AA that i wish more people would use in both spartan ops and war games, your helping teammates by distraction a enemy and giving mobile cover giving them breathing room.I think its needs buffs since it does promotes team play.

Here’s a suggestion:

Experiment with different ways of using it.

So instead of using it when face to face with enemies,purely for your own self-preservation, try using it when moving across an opening where you KNOW a sniper is watching.

Or maybe just to support a team mate who is capturing a base.

Or as a quick-block for an incoming rocket, or if you notice a tank suddenly turning its turret towards you, flick out the hardlight shield to absorb the shell, then run like hell

Or use it when turning round a tunnel corner, where you know someone is. They’re probably waiting with a shotgun or charged up boltshot. Let them waste it, then return fire (with hopefully a power weapon)