Hard Light Shield Phalanx

I can see it now on fails of the weak, group of a team lines up with hardlight shield to make a wall and block all incoming damage. They think they are genius, and perhaps it would be a good strategy in some situations… then a random jumps out of no where and blows them all to hell with one rocket earning the overkill. Its gonna happen.

I see the future holds good things.


I can see some bloopers with Thruster Pack as well…

As long as Geoff’s contagious laugh remains, FOTW will still be hilarious.

I can wait for Thruster Pack misuse :wink: Nothing beats the classic fall off the map by accident routine.

Agreed. Fails for Halo 4 will be awesome.

I can’t wait for a fail on Adrift. You get Personal Ordinance. You call it in, and it lands on the platform above you. Betrayal. You go into theater to see that a teamate was walking along the platform right where the Ordinance landed!

Thruster packs into an incoming friendly Warthog

Thruster packs into a sniper headshot (Medal earned: Where you goin?)