Hard-light Shield Jetpack and Bumper Jumper

So it was a pain in Reach and a pain now. You would think after this much time you could press jump again while in the air to use your jetpack across every control scheme just because but it didn’t happen. In other games if there was something similar not only could you use the assigned button but you could press jump while airborne to use it.

And why not have Hard-light Shield toggle on and off so we could really take advantage of it like others? If i have to hold X to use it how am I supposed to turn and face the guy thats trying to strafe and open me up if my thumb isn’t on the stick?

I already know people are gonna say deal with it, or play claw, etc. But that really isn’t the point, why weren’t features there to begin with? If Promethean Vision was toggle, why not the Shield? And the jetpack issue? I have to choose between full control and lose out on maximized potential on Armor Abilities, or switch it around. Why should anyone have to lose out on the full package?

Yes I know it sounds greedy of me but the mechanics of it all just seems to escape me when it seems so simple. i just wanna be able to do everything to maximum potential in a game and certain control layouts give you certain downsides. But if there were a few little tools like the ones I mentioned I think any control layout go all in with what the player could do.

Also from other players perspectives, what setup do you use and what help do you think it could get?

Currently I play Bumper Jumper on 8 not inverted with a Standard Controller.

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So no one in the whole community has anything to say about this?

I have the same problem.

I can use Hardlight shield. I don’t know how I do it. Haha. Some quick Claw/goofy hand hybrid.

Jetpack, I just accept that I can’t do. I use it for getting to places quickly, like in Oddball or KOTH, but I accept that I can’t shoot while flying. I tried claw, but my aim becomes too horrible.

The best solution I’ve heard was a triple tap on (Left bumper) to activate jet pack. But, it won’t happen.

Control settings won’t be patched for Halo 4. It is something that I will start requesting for Halo 5, when that time comes.

I use Bumper Jumper, but avoid jet packing. I’ll use the hard light shield sometimes, but will always remain near cover when I’m using it to help with the odd controller. I’m not a big fan of the HL Shield since your actual shields don’t recharge while using it. I’d rather have my standard shields and be able to move more nimbly (and fight), than be bogged down simply trying not to die.

Honestly it would be nice to customize the controller buttons, or at least a few. Since that’s not the case, and since I have no interest in learning a new controller style, I’ll just be be without using those. Regen and Camo have some nice benefits too…I feel more than JP or HL Shield.

I use bumper jumper on 5 look sensitivity, but I’ve almost completely stopped using my jetpack loadout. I honestly feel you’re gonna come out more unscatched using something like promethean vision or regen field over making yourself a lone target sitting 10 feet in the air.

That is the price you pay for Bumper jumping. I have tried to use the Bumper jumper control set up, but I could not get used to it. It’s a trade off, you have an easier time performing jumps and aiming in exchange for a harder time using the AA.

I dont understand why, in 2012, we cant customize our own control schemes. PC gaming is so much better. This is the only game I play on xbox, and bumper jumper is my only option for jumping while aiming. Makes me wont to get a XIM so I can map my own damn controls.

> That is the price you pay for Bumper jumping. I have tried to use the Bumper jumper control set up, but I could not get used to it. It’s a trade off, you have an easier time performing jumps and aiming in exchange for a harder time using the AA.

Point is that with the tech we have that the controls weren’t perfected. If your a high caliber player and want to do eveything as fluidly as possible then if everything worked how it should i think 99% of competitive players would make the switch cause in a few hours the muscle memory kicks in since ergonomically its more efficient. They made a layout catered to CoD player, which I don’t disagree with becuase if your coming from that you want something familiar.

Also I have it in with a few Razer players and I used an Onza for a long time and believe me once you get accustomed to having access to a Jetpack on certain maps, it is a seriously powerful tool. For now I primarily use Thruster Pack since it has a wide range of uses. But I have far too many moments where I wish I had a Jetpack setup. And I have stepped away from my Onza since it’s banned by MLG and I’m trying to get Mad Catz to Sponsor me for Marvel and Street Fighter and my Trittons don’t fit the Onza mic jack.

Anyway back to the problem. Yes I can use a jetpack if I really have to navigate a map a little better. But I can’t really accurately aim at someone and shoot if I happen to have a shot at them which is a great game changer. There are a couple power weapons that make use of a quick changw in firing angle or line of sight. Hardlight Shield would be incredibly handy for certain situations even if your shield doesn’t charge while using it. When I play with friends some kinda use it like Armor Lock. I can be drilling someone heads up and just as I can finish them they pop shield and duck around a corner or Ichange targets to fight a new enemy that ame toback the, up and they drop the shield and it turns into a double team. Now that happens to you twice in a game you start to let that guy sneak away if you aren’t sure you can chase him down without consequence. It really gets in your head

Triple tap sounds cool but that isn’t quite right since it switches it to a toggle when eveything else holds for Jetpack. Still going with hold jump while airborne. Hardlight Shield could and possibly should be a toggle. Click on deflect some bullets as the hog rolls by click off when your done.

And just to put it in comparison, what if there was no activation button for Jetpack and you had to press jump again? All the peopleon default would be feeling the pain. Or if Camo was set that you had to hold the button? No one in there right mind on Bumper Jumper would pick it. I had a friend of mine explainto me how hard a fix this is and now that I uderstand how hard it is I know it’s asking alot but seriously to give the game that extra polish I feel it needs to be done. Just some tweaks to how the controls work with the abilities and many people would be a lot happier.

dont use crutches in the first place and you wouldnt have this problem