Hard Light Sheild

Anyone else find this AA a little useless, at least in Slayer? When I first saw it i decided it was the only AA I was gonna use but after a few games with it I can’t stand the damn thing.

My main issue with it is how long it takes to switch back to a weapon after activating it. It just takes too long, You can’t even switch from it to a gun before the target can finish reloading.

Yeah, i was thinking the same Way. But sometimes the HLS is nice to have when it comes to distract Opponents so your Teammate can shoot them.

I have the same type of gripe with it. But that may just be attributed to the incorrect use of it. Its not like armor lock from reach where you can pop in and out and still be a little useful fighting. This armor ability is way more useful via team fights, and if not being used as such, definitely not worth using. Unless of course you like to troll someone for 5 seconds or so.

It is great for being a distraction, just like Armor Lock was in Halo Reach.

On BTB, it is perfect for all the vehicles. It can block a Banshee Bomb, a Scorpion Tank shell, a Gauss Hog blast, etc, etc.

I’ve actually seen someone kill a tank with the HardLight Shield. If you practice a lot, you can aim the Scorpions shot back at it and it’ll die in 2 hits of its own shell.

I have found the ultimate counter to Bolshot: Hardlight Shield. Just pop this sucker when you hear the dreadful charge sound, block the overpowered charge shot (which can kill you farther than it should) and -Yoink- on the scrubs. It’s amazing if timed right.

Works like a charm and pisses off the Bolshoters all at the same time.

Besides saving your own life, Hardlight Shields can block explosions in front of you. Would be nades would have killed me if it wasn’t for the AA. Granted anything on the sides or thrown behind you is still doing damage/might kill you though.

Good for protecting weak teammates too.

It can be good if you’re at long range and losing a fight. When your shields pop, throw the shield up and back around a corner, then hoof it until your shields regenerate. Also, if you’re in a firefight and have a teammate or two with you, when your shields pop throw it up and let your teammate mop up.

It’s basically the poor mans armor lock. A cowardly AA used to buy time for a teammate to bail your shieldless -Yoink!- out (which is completely infuriating).

Nope also killed someone with their own bolt-shot because of the shield (Uploading that soon)

I like to use it in objective based games to cover team mates with the flag/oddball etc.

Out of all AA’s, Hardlight shield seems to be the most useless

It’s my default armor ability. I love it. It saves my life several times a game. It’s great in big team for when you start getting long range shot and you can just pop it up and sidestep behind cover. That being said, I don’t feel like it’s overpowered in any way. It doesn’t work that well at close range. Anytime I try they just run around it and melee me in the side, as it should be. If anything seems useless to me it’s the thruster pack. It goes almost nowhere.