happy with what i heard

Is am i the only here that is happy with what I am hearing so far about this game? Everyone wanted the game to change but have the same feel to it and that’s what 343 is doing but why is everyone complaining… Change is good…

you can find me on threads shooting down complaints and giving praise to 343. but the armor thing the info was very vague and not specific so that leads to a lot of speculation which in turn has lead to hate just give it some time 343 will give out more info and I bet it is a good addition to the game. I don’t know if its good or bad but I know 343 knows what they are doing and I have faith :slight_smile: just like you do.

but most of the people who are complaining are just worried for halo its just how some people voice there fears is what you are seeing

ya i fully agree with you…

I like almost everything I’ve heard about Halo 4 so far! :slight_smile:

yeaaaaaaaa i positive thread i salute you my friend, i aswell am really excited from what they have shown the game looks EPIC :slight_smile:

some people want the same game with the same maps other players just want the old feel the got from the old games with a new look

Halo is a huge topic at my school right now and on the internet… So the people in forums that are bashing this game must not like the change or the part they cant dominate anymore