Happy Halodays

May your Haloday season be infinitely awesome!

If you’d like to have a 4k version as a wallpaper, just click on the image below.

Happy Holidays,

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Looking forward to the stream today. :slight_smile:

Happy Halodays Uny. I hope the end of the year is filled with love and splendor for you

<mark>Happy Halodays</mark> to you and the team! Hope everyone across the pond has a wonderful Haloday Season <343 :santa::gift:

I love the snow image on the helmet. Great work!

For some strange, strange reason, I have the urge to play a custom game on Avalanche in Halo 3.

Surely all coincidence and in no way related to that sweet 4K picture…

where can i find this livestream or the image of the helmet?

Never mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate! Happy Holidays everyone and please, enjoy Halo responsively over the holidays :wink: ….but seriously everyone, be safe this holiday season, cheers! :slight_smile:

Looks -Yoink!-. I need a non focused version of the already existing one. Happy holidays

Season greeting to all, and I wish the best to everyone. Here is to having more time to play!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all Halo Fans and to everyone who works for 343industries

I hope everyone gets what they want for Christmas, stay safe out there to, don’t do anything stupid ya hear, got my eye on you all

<3 from SpectralXIV

Merry Christmas and Happy Halodays to every Halo fan!!!

Happy Holidays to everyone.

Halo :heart:

Love the idea of this tread. A crazy happy holiday season to you all guys!

And OP, awesome photo-manipulation skills you got there mate! Especially the reflection in the helmet is a nice touch! :relaxed:

Now I really want to play a game of CTF on Avalanche…

You as well. Can’t wait for more on Infinite :slight_smile:

Fantastic! Thanks so much to the team to make this gem!

Awesome variation, think I’m going to switch to that one for a little bit

I hope we get Infinite next year because we are already getting Mk 11, i’m getting smash ultimate, a Spawn movie reboot, Aqua Man actually looks amazing, I have a good feeling about 2019!

Makes a nice holiday card to other Halo fans… hmmm