Happy Ending For All. . .

Someone else recently posted his/her idea of a ranking system.
This was based on Tiers, and though it is original, and a step in a new direction, I believe we need to keep Halo the same for now, and expand later.
Also, a post asked, “How does CoD do beautifully?”. I believe it’s because both pros and noobs can have fun playing the game. I’m sure some of you feel you deserve more than those less skilled.
Yes, you do, in game. Not out here.
I believe I have a solution for both the ranking system and the skill balance.

Split the multiplayer into Ranked and Social, like in Halo 3. But with changes.

Ranked should stay true to Halo, no AA, no instant respawning, no Sprint, none of that.
Just true Halo fans playing true Halo.

Now, to cater to the main audience, the casual gamer.
In Social, feel free to make all the changes you want.
Whatever, Sprint, AA, instant respawn, whatever.

But give the classic, die-hard, hardcore Halo fan the Halo he remembers.
Also, in Ranked, we have the Halo 3 1-50 ranking system.
While in Social, we use the Reach ranking system.
Now everyone gets the game the want, while 343 makes big bucks by serving the general audience.

You are welcome. (:


Meh, this is the way it will probably go, but I’d rather not split the community. I think halo 3 did a great job of bringing the competitive community and the casual community together.