Happy But Sad at the same time

I do love the campaign but the thing about the game is that it has TOO MANY bugs from what I have been hearing. For your first game, it’s making you guys look like you didnt even test anything but the campaign. Im not crazy about the newer graphics but I still think it’s pretty neat. I am really hoping that you can pull some community maps together and put them into the playlists because I have been playing the multiplayer for 2-4 hours and the maps are getting boring.

I really hope that the graphics for this game aren’t going to be the same for Halo 4. I liked the graphics for Halo 3 better than these “improved” graphics. I have been a Halo fan since 2004 and im starting to get very disappointed with the multiplayer.

The bugs are there because they were in CE 10 years ago. It runs on the same game code.

You got bored after 4 hours? Wow. Talk about a short attention span. You do realise you can still use all your Reach maps too right?

I know it’s my first post on the Board but I’m kinda dissapointed in Halo CE:A.

I’m playing Halo ever since it came out on the Xbox,
have supported -Yoink!-; Bunge and now 343 by buying their products -
either way Normal or Collectors Editions.

I know that Halo CE:A merely comes with an graphical update,
but how the game has been introduced and was reported / featured on several
plattforms like IGN it seemed that the code itself had been overworked.

In the end, we end up with lag, old graphics and an classical HUD.
Granted, it’s an nostalagic feeling, but I feel like im playing Duke Nukem Forever : (
It has an gamecode that should have needed some overwork and should have featured
an selective screen: Overworked / Original.

If you play Halo CE:A online on multiplayer, everything works just fine.
So why not for Campaign?