Happy birthday halo combat evolved

Happy birthday Halo CE. I can’t think that halo CE is 20 years old one more then they can drink some covie stuff. This game gave us in the USA something to play to keep us hopeful from -Yoink- you know what I mean. We first met the master chief and our fav AI. Captain Keys or my name keys. Met the the fast graceful yet deadly Elites. Also the golden elite with cool sword that had people look up how to get. Grunts the cute looking Grunts also the Grunts looked ripped out a funny show. The Jackals who where weak yet could kill you. The big yet weak on the back “can get oneshoted in the back by the godly halo CE pistol” hunters. The slimly and ripped out of the thing and alien the flood. The flood are scary and like popcorn they pop. 343G Spark your other AI friend. And the rocket flood on the library. Also truth and reck. The big twist that the ring kills everything. The maw. And the beach mission one of the best. The ending.

The gameplay. It made the buttons layout of all video games now. On button to throw a nade that came with halo. Also some other things I don’t remember. The wide open spaces to play with the sandbox with. The multplayer. Everyone and there grandmother remembers blood gulch. All the fun times people had. Like RVB just starting with a convo about why we are here or why they are there. That started one of the most famous halo shows ever. Halo started as a book then into CE with fall of reach.

This one game of bad looking and funny looking humans started one of gaming most important game the halo games. If it wasn’t for halo CE we would not be here. Be here talking making friends. We would not have made friendships bloom. Some would have not met there husband or wife. Some might not be here if it wasn’t for halo. Halo let people met and become friends or family. Halo made some people come back from there dark times. Halo made people happy. Happy birthday halo combat evolved happy birthday and to halo fans remember that halo combat evolved made us us.

Ah, a perfect time to celebrate with the community! Now, who brought the cake? :cake:

Not gonna lie but when writing the last part I started to tear up a bit.

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No shame in it, memories are the best and worst sometimes.

I wasn’t old enough to play CE on PC, but I’m grateful for the amazing franchise it started.

Happy Birthday to Halo, and shout out to Bungie, even though they no longer have their baby. They worked their -Yoink!- off on Halo and I hope Infinite can live up to the quality and love that the Bungie Halos had.