Happy birthday Halo 4!

You may be very controversial when it comes to your gameplay. And even though I played CE back in the original Xbox, it was the start of Halo 4 when I became mentally aware of what Halo was.

I personally loved your weapon and vehicle designs the most out of all the games. I especially loved how powerful the Scorpion sounded. I mostly loved the story direction you gave Master Chief, about being a machine (sadly was short lived).

You remain my second favorite game after ODST! Happy birthday!


In celebration of Halo 4’s birthday I want to once again plead to 343i to not only recognize the brilliance of this title’s multiplayer match-scoring system, that awarded a wide range of points for a large variety of gameplay contributions, but to request that they adopt a similar system in Halo Infinite specifically for the social modes/playlists. This would go a long way towards truly differentiating the feel of Halo Infinite’s social environment from its ranked environment.



Ya and it was harder to blow up. In Halo Infinite’s version of the Scorpion IMHO is a VERY VERY WEAK TANK! You could sneeze on the tank and it would blow up :rofl:

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Happy birthday, Halo 4, I guess. You’ve got lovers, I’m not one, but hey.

Well Halo 4 did bring us the best and most fun and what warzone should have been based off of instead of the req system… BTB Dominion… Dominion was so fun. Halo 4 also bought us one of the most fun action sack games, husky raid… Also ricochet was pretty awesome.


Halo 4 is still my favorite Halo to this day.

should we get a halo 4 anniversary? :thinking:

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Yes! Dominion and Extraction are both very fun gametypes that I always enjoyed popping up when I go into matchmaking.

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Halo 4’s was the first campaign that made me feel bored. It felt weirdly different and I got really bored of its maps and aesthetics, and more than anything, of the enemies. Back then I wasn’t aware that Bungie had stopped making it, but I could feel it.


I didn’t much enjoy the campaign from a gameplay standpoint, but I am really sad how its story beats got completely abandoned.

The didact was so unceremoniously shoved off screen, and Cortana’s emotiona sendoff turned into…an abomination that went on to haunt not one but two halo campaigns.

Its a preference. Of course I have my own fantasies of a good Mammoth run, but what else we had wasn’t as bad to me as well. It still provided a sandbox feel that previously Halo games also accomplished. If not, it was more generous anyways.

I absolutely loved Halo 4! Such a wonderful, great, amazing game of the Halo franchise!

Yes, happy anniversary to H4. It remains the best product 343 has had at release.

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I’m pretty sure the Halo 4 forum is two doors down.


Lowkey actually was 20 char

i went back to play halo 4 in mcc and it was actually pretty fun, not my favorite but still a good halo.

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Unfortunately for me Halo 4’s birthday is nothing to celebrate as for me it’s a reminder of how far the series fell.

I personally thought the story was not that well told, too many missed opportunities and unless a person read the books or the in-game info, The player was not really given the full story. The multiplayer in my opinion was a complete disaster as a tried to follow trends and played nothing like Halo, but at least the net code worked properly unlike the current Halo game. Spartan ops was definitely a bright point of the game as they something different and I still think it could have been really good if more effort was put into it. The fact that there was no firefight either was a huge mistake!! Good example of a company not listening to their fans. Seeing as how people absolutely loved ODST and reaches firefight. It should have been a gimme it was in the game. The soundtrack, though well produced had very few tracks that were memorable and even fewer that felt like Halo in my opinion (And they got rid of the Halo theme!!! How dumb was that!!) The graphics in that game were definitely top notch at the time and they still look good in my opinion! It really showed what Xbox 360 could do.

Halo 4 had so much potential, and a lot of hype!! I was beyond excited to see where the series would go. I still have my limited edition system , which I think was quite nice and I even bought the limited edition game as I do with every Halo as I’m a bit of a fan (and have been since CE days) In my opinion, overall Halo 4 fell flat on its face as it was nothing like a Halo game and deviated way too much, in way too many things from Halo’s original style. It is by far my least favorite Halo game… Not a bad game overall, just not a very good Halo game…But at least it was pretty complete game at launch more less, unlike the current one :roll_eyes:

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I dont see a Halo 5 forum. Its just MCC, but, thats just about all thing related to MCC. Im sure Generla discussion is meant tk be all things related to Halo.