Happy Birthday, Halo 3!

The game is now 15 years old!!! My, how time flies!


Yeah, it’s kinda’ wild huh?

It don’t feel like it was 15 years ago to this day, but here it is. Man, what a game. There will probably not be another one like it this decade or the next, the landscape just isn’t right for such an experience.

It’s a good memory.

I definitely have better memories of Halo 3 than I do of Halo Infinite.

And I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


A lot of people on a different post seem to disagree with me and maybe you will to but what would you think of a Halo 3 Anniversary

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I think the Halo 2 anniversary is the most beautiful I have ever seen and it sets the standard. I’m sure people would buy Halo 3 with a new coat of paint and for them it would be good enough. Personally I’d love to take it a step further;
Firstly, as with Halo 2 anniversary, Blur Studios should be contracted to remake the cutscenes into something truly cinematic instead of clunky in-game cutscenes

Second, while there are huge fans of ODST it probably has a smaller base that wants a remaster although I’ll maintain New Mombasa in new graphics would look phenomenal, they should remaster Halo 3 and ODST together and release them as a bundle. Something I would love to see is add the weapons unique to each game into the campaign sandbox of each other. Ex Brutes making use of the Brute Plasma rifle in Halo 3 and having access to the Battle Rifle in ODST

Thirdly, the BOBs were a really cool feature in Reach and it would be really cool to add that in as a new challenge, a unique enemy that tries to get away.

Lastly, we’ve already been given the ability to apply weapon or vehicle skins in the campaign, so keep that going with the remaster.

Of course these are my personal thoughts and I’m sure many people want the same game with new graphics but I would prefer to play the story with some changes to the game so it plays differently even a little this time.

I believe Halo 3 Anniversary should be a campaign update to the Master Chief Collection, and that it should be the very last Anniversary remake.

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Dunno’ where tf that came from but whatever.

I remember my purple and gold CQB or assault Elite in Halo 3. Good memories of those times.

My Legendary edition is still intact.
I am tackling LASO and Devastating this month. Almost done with LASO.

Where do I see my stats for Devastating? I can’t see my stats on waypoint or I can’t find them.