Happy Aniversary, Infinte!

Well, here we are, one year later. It’d be a lie to say things haven’t gotten better since launch but it’d be just as much of a fib to say they’re doing too fantastic. A lot still needs to be done.

But, I’m happy that things are indeed being done.


I still have fun with Infinite every week. I don’t play it as much as I did at launch, and I don’t play it as much as I did H5, but it’s still a solid entry in the franchise.

The Winter Update helped a ton with my confidence that Infinite will again be a top 5/top 10 FPS, and I think it’s future outlook now is less dreary than a few months ago.

So hurray and happy bday Infinite


Have an anniversary, Infinite.

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It has been one heck of a year. In spite of its flaws, I still love Infinite. The core gameplay is a lot of fun, and I always find myself coming back to the multiplayer. While the campaign’s narrative leaves a lot to be desired (imo), it’s undeniable that the atmosphere is the best we’ve seen in a Halo story in quite awhile. It’s always good to be critical when needed, but I’m truly rooting for 343 to bring the game to where it needs to be. Happy anniversary indeed, Halo Infinite. :innocent:


This chapter could be my best Halo ever… But still today this game has more issues and a bad support. I hope as soon as possible it can reach the auspiciousness of the past


Happy Anniversary, Infinite! The winter update gave some great looks into what Halo Infinite can be as a FPS game and I’m really excited and hopeful to see what the next year brings.

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Happy anniversary Infinite!

Now where’s my watchdog fix?? #iwantmy152


Has it really been a year already. Been here since day 1 and i’ll (probably) be here until the end… Cheers.

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At this point people just need to make peice with the fa t that this game is going to be a slow methodical process to get to where it needs to be.

But like we have other options out and some other on the way to keep us entertained.

Not to mention the Forge community has come through with that custom games.

So yea keep expectations low or bare minimum is what I advise one does.

Who knows maybe Microsoft will let 343 hire more devs to work on different aspects of the game

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Wild, today is also coincidentally the 20th anniversary of Xbox Live.


Huh, wild. That’s pretty cool.


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Honestly maybe 343 should just stop trying to make new maps and let the forge community take up that mantle. They have already seen what that community can do with just one week of having access to a beta forge.

Like the power of that community’s creativity and dedication is unrivaled

I’ve certainly had fun over the last year with Infinite, but I’m not sure this is a “happy” anniversary. It’s hard for me to say it, but I think we might be closer to embarrassing or at least sad considering what has happened over the last year.

Yeah. It’s kind of a bittersweet feeling. I’m happy 343’s making progress but seeing the timeframe to completion steadily widen makes me sad.


Yeah, as they launched it a year after the console, making it also the 21st anniversaries for both Xbox and Halo!

Its been a long year, both in and out of the game