Happy 5th birthday Legendary Map Pack!

Just wanted to note that Ghost Town, Avalanche, and Blackout turned 5 years old today. Already half a decade since the Legendary Map Pack! Wow. I remember waking up on April 15, 2008 at 6 AM to play these maps in Forge - to explore them.

Has it been that long I loved all 3 of those maps why avalanche was great for BTB.and the other two was great for infection.

-Yoinking!- Avalanche man. Best BTB map ever made.

Rest in peace.

Yeah man, I remember waking up in 2008 in the morning when it came out too. Such good maps, and Avalanche everyone, freaking Avalanche. That map was simply beyond godly. Screw this game resting in peace, it’s still alive, especially the maps. This thread makes me want to play the legendary map pack. I’m willing to play some Halo 3 custom games on Avalanche, and other map pack maps, if anyone’s interested. I just really feel like playing Avalanche. Post if you want to.

My actual gamertag’s xSlayer Soulx.