Hao 4 grenades

So, the normal frag and plasma grenades are back in Halo 4, and that leaves 2 other types of grenades left to be filled. What are your ideas of the other 2 grenades?

Yeah, I’d like a FireBomb grenade with a side of cursing kids burning to death.
And a Forerunner Meal with an EMP grenade and a large side of p**sed off players.

My guess may be that another is another shield-breaker, like the frags, and another kills. How they do it, I dunno. :frowning:

Hao 4? Is that a new game?

All jokes aside, i’d like to see grenades that blind enemies as a replacement to the flare (blinds upon how close you are to impact) and the return of the incinerary grenades (sp?) with their fiery goodness.

It would be cool if the fire nades made a return as for the fourth type I think it should be an EMP nade for purely taking down shields or stopping vehicles.