Hang'em High / Tombstone Remake

Hey everyone,

Feel free to go to my fileshare/bookmarks and download the custom map called “Hang 'Em Higher”, it’s a remake from Halo 1 and Halo 2. The map’s base design was built by “theclaw124”, and I made some changes related to weaponry, vehicles, man cannons, toys, signs, trees, benches, different skyboxes, etc. He still deserves 100% of the credit for designing the original map, he did quite an amazing job. Let me know about your comments for this custom map.

My friends tested it out and they loved it, so I think you will all enjoy it! You can also download my “BR CTF” gametype to go with this map. 8 v 8 BTB should work well on this large map. Thank you and have a nice day!