HANDICAP Intention Announcement

again CTRL+F Handicaps
and you get nothing.
its crazy how much backwater you have to tread here to hear a valid complaint.
but they are reminiscent of the issues anyhow…

Replayability and Rank Ladder.

WE should have a Handicap System.
that ssytem can technically even be exploited by booster teams, or just hard knocks buddies aiming for a victory.

  • Enemy Score Reduction Frequency in games like Oddball and Strongholds after 30 seconds of playing 3v4
    or after 15 seconds of 2v4. EXAMPLE

  • Score Requirement Reduction, so you can get -25pt Cap to win. Alternatively*

  • and maybe a VIP Juggernaut.

the Handicap variant is specified at the beginning of the match
and it may be RANDOM*

you lose your handicap when a new player joins your lobby.
you don’t want to give a handicap immediately as that would be like ARMORLOCK…