Handicap for console players

Maybe a way to make it fair for console players vs PC is to give them a +15-20 handicap so its the scores are not so skewed. This might reduce folks from quitting mid game and make crossplay partially tolerable.


I’m confused as to why people believe PC has some magical advantages over Xbox. Over Xbox One absolutely, but the Series X|S are also an adventure over Xbox One. And personally I’d say Xbox has an advantage over PC in this game.


SBMM matches based on expected performance. Doesn’t matter what input the opponents have, they should be performing similarly to your party.

No need for a handicap


Yep. If I’m facing down a Diamond 3 - that’s all I need to know.

It doesn’t matter what input they are using. The brand monitor they are using. The angle their fancy chair is set to. The ambient temperature of their gaming room. Or the flavour of Dew they are chugging.

As long as they perform as advertised it’s all good.

You just need to focus on your own game.


Yep. I’d even go one step further and say if you’re not performing as expected maybe you have accidentally overranked through playing with players considerably worse than you. In this occasion the more games you ply the more accurate your perceived skill should be


make the crossplatform a option to turn off and you make it all fair for console players much better then without any handicap at all.


I don’t think this is a good idea.
This would just make the issue complicated and still not fair, if anything it would reverse the advantage, and that’s not what we’re after.
Especially with the currently strict SBMM system, this would be pointless

Much simpler and fairer to just make crossplay optional, as we’ve been requesting for a year.


What’s unfair at the moment for either party?

If you are D3 and put into a lobby of other D3 players. All is fair.

Does it really matter that some of those players would be D2 if they were using other inputs. Some of them might actually be D4 if they swapped over.

Same for the size of their monitor or the FPS they are getting.

All that matters is that you and they are performing as a D3.

Just be a D3. And get on with beating those other D3 players so you can move up to D4.

Yup. How dare you try and play this game with your friends? 343 will now make your life miserable by over-ranking you so that you can now be punished by their strict SBMM when you try to play by yourself.

Halo Infinite is the most anti-social Halo yet.

I imagine that’s an inherent problem with any ranking system.

If you play the bulk of your games other players you kind of function as that squad. The better players will drift up in the ranking and the lesser players down.

It’s mitigated the best they can by the weightings.

But you will develop a symbiotic relationship with those players that can’t be captured with random players.

It’s harder for the system to isolate the noise from your performance when you aren’t with different team mates. And it appears to me that the effect of KPM and DPM is exaggerated by these squads. Especially if you have a really good player who carries the burden of slaying while their friends hide behind the objective. The ranking system will start to thing you are better (and they are worse) than you are.

But the good news is your MMR will adjust quickly and any punishment will be short lived. Can’t imagine it would be more than a game or two. And I can’t imagine it’s bad enough to make your life “miserable”.

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In Halo Infinite it adjusts quickly for the lower players to make sure it brings them up so they can’t be smurfing. But for the high players, it refuses to rank them down.

The system is hyper focused on keeping players from smurfing their account. But being Free-To-Play, people just make throwaway accounts and so the problem is actually worse. Because now on top of there still being just as many smurfs, higher level players are being punished when they play by themselves for playing with their friends.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just in the ranked playlists. But the social (i.e. no visible rank) playlists are just as bad.

This is just one example of the things in Halo Infinite that demonstrate it is designed for people to play alone and not make friends through the game. It is anti-social.

i give notting about the input at all.
that PC players use the controler input or the keyboard and mouse input is something i give no crap about at all.

i was talking if the OP wane make some things fair for the console players the best solution is to chance the Crossplatform setting.
and crossplatform means between Xbox console and PC and has notting to do with the input there are using.

since the crossplatform setting that is now on force is compleet wrong and most chance to become a option that the player can choose on there own if there wane play with the PC platform players or not.
same go’s for the PC platform players if there wane play with the Xbox console players or not when it become’s a option to turn off.

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I understand the angle, but the implementation of your solution is… well… it’s pretty bad honestly.

First, What if it’s a mixed lobby?

Two, this doesn’t solve anything or make anything “fair” because I know there are PC players significantly worse then me and I sure as heck don’t need a handicap to beat them.

And I’m still going to get creamed by players who do use MnK, and have so much control and precision they can 180 flip and headshot me the moment I graze them with a sidekick round, but at that point it may as well be a skill issue.

Skewing the scores is anything but fair, and I sure don’t want to win games that way, much less even receive that kind of pity.

Or 343 could not do any of that and fix kbm so it can compete against controller.


how most 343 fix something what is not broken at all like the controler settings or kbm settings.
since if you mess with the settings from one off then you make a compleet mess and make it more broken what was not broken at all.
and thats something we not need at all now what the big problems that need a real fix since there are real broken.

and if its happing the same old story off complains on the forum is going to start up again and we start a new round off the kbm vs controler war.

Whatever the case may be, they need to fix Kbm and put an end to these input wars.


there not need to fix the kbm to stop the input wars.
the only way there can stop it for good the input wars is to chance the input crossplay settings that players can choose if there wane play against kbm only players, controler players only or wane play against both inpunt.

its the same with the platform between Xbox console and the PC platform to stop the war between then for good is chance the platform crossplay settings that the player can choose if there wane play with the PC communety or not.

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There needs to be a fix deployed to kbm period. Regardless of whether it stops the wars or not. It simply cannot compete effectively against controller.



I know exactly one PC player who can keep up with me.

It’s not a big difference, OP.

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