Hammers need a nerf in Grifball

The gravity hammer has to large a blast radius, and combined with its lunge(which is just as long as the sword is) is totally overpowered in grifball. I feel like the sword should at least have a longer lunge than the hammer so it should be reduced, and the hammers blast radius should be reduced.

So because you get killed you want a nerf

Uh, Griffball is pretty balanced. Get better/get a better team?

The long hammer, sword-style, lunge is caused by the shoulder charge being turned on and can be removed by turning it off.

The hammer’s actual range isn’t an issue but I also don’t like the hammer lunge, far too inconsistent and unpredictable.

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> So because you get killed you want a nerf

I actually do pretty well playing I just think the lunge in for the hammer is bs.