Hammer range discrepancy

There is a huge discrepancy with the hammer range . I have had it work for me just fine in the past. thats how I know for sure that it isnt working now. I have to grapple hammer directly to get a kill with it . Other people get me from 10 feet away . Sometimes I send a guy flying after a hammer hit and they still dont die from it. I get that nothings perfect and there are things to fix but Its supper frustrating that it dosent work normally for even 20 percent of the time . That said when they make it the same for all, nerfed or not, look out , because some of us have been learning the hard way . Soon as its even im going to make spartan pudding. Seriously though how many others have this huge noticeable problem?


I assume it’s just one more thing being affected by the huge amount of desync in this game.

That’s why sometimes it will look like an enemy will lunge 10 feet to melee you for a kill while you fail to connect with a melee of someone who is 2 feet away.

The hammer and rockets seem to be the most noticeable simply because they are supposed to be instant death. So it’s pretty easy to see when you land a direct hit and the enemy walks away without even their shield popping.

We also know it isn’t lag because this kind of stuff is happening on LAN tournaments and it has no correlation to the ping number you can display on your screen… So it’s some sort of desync in the actual game code. Hopefully they can get it fixed because at the moment, there are times where it causes the game to be basically unplayable.


Yes there are major inconsistencies with both rockets and hammer, even on 20ms ping matche we don’t know whether 343 are aware of it or not. I suggest sending clips to halo support

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The Hammer absolutely is a hassle to use, and I’d take Sword or Mangler over it any day. Like you said, I basically have to whack someone over the head with it to kill them, and even still they usually just get thrown back and live, maybe even kill me, since the swing takes so long, and 343 just refused to have a Reach melee alternate swing for Hammer and Sword. Meanwhile, I get one hit by the enemy Hammer from across the room. The desync is a joke.


I’ve resorted to using Hammer in conjunction with the Repulsor now to “secure” kills by pancaking them against a wall. 343 pls.

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Sometimes I get hammer kills before the animation is even finished.

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Sometimes it feels like the Hammer is producing this shockwave with quite a big range.

But I’ve never been able to reproduce this when I’m holding the Hammer on my own. I tried looking at the front, looking down to “hammer” the ground…noting…

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My melee range: Almost inside enemy player model.

Enemy melee range: Other side of the room or solar system, lol.