Halsey's condition *MAJOR SPOILERS*

Alright, so after playing through the entirety of the game, I can’t for the life of me come to the conclusion that Halsey is dead.

(To sum some things up for the people who haven’t kept up with the books, Halsey was stationed on the Infinity around 2553 to help integrate Forerunner tech with the Ship’s AI. Margaret Parangosky stated at toward the end of “Thursday War” that she wanted to send Halsey back to Ivanoff station. It was never stated wether or not she was sent back at the end of “Thursday War”. It was assumed that she was still on the Infinity around the time of Halo 4’s story because of a script leak showing Lasky saying the line “DOCTOR HALSEY!”. Though seeing as that line was never uttered and the only trace of Halsey’s work was left on Ivanoff station and during the time spent on Infinity, Halsey would have known when John made it on the ship considering everyone made a hoot and holler about it.)

So essentially, since it hasn’t been made perfectly clear yet, how did Halsey survive, considering I HEAVILY DOUBT Cortana is actually gone. And assuming Cortana will come back, Halsey will obviously need to play a big role in bringing her back.

I know there’s one book left in the Kilo-Five trilogy but it just seems like it would have been made more apparent in-game. If she was on Infinity, she would have come to see John and Cortana would be fine with John and it’d be a happy ever after ending. If Margaret followed her word, Halsey would be dead. Though considering Halsey was in the Prologue for the game, why would they just show her and then BAM she’s dead?

Just trying to see thoughts on your guys’ part.

Halo Wikipedia. All answers can be found their. including who Miranda Keyes mother is.

I have a quick question with the timeline, when does Hasley and the crew gets saved from Micro Dyson Sphere? Like how long after or before Human-Covenant war?

I believe they get saved right after the hu,an covenant war, or right at the end…

Also, I thought Halsey was either at the station or back at earth