HaloWaypoint should have a app

Has anyone else had to re log into halowaypoint over and over in one day? Because everytime I decided I was done with looking at waypoint for a bit head over to twitter for second come back and I had to re login. So my question is should/Is HaloWaypoint getting their own app? Think it would be so much more convenient if they would idk let me know what you guys think.

Yeah I would love to see that but I don’t think it will ever happen sadly.

Never really felt the need for Waypoint to be an app to be honest, the site was designed very well to scale between desktop and mobile views. Desktop / web notifications would be cool but you can pretty much do everything in the mobile interface. I moderate almost daily from my phone, multiple tabs in browser is something you’d probably lose from an app as well which I really couldn’t do without

If i remember correctly halo waypoint had an app for android but crashed constantly and i agree that there isnt a real need for it.
On an unrealated note (so, i dont make multiple threads) does anyone know how to make a forum? (I want to make one for my spartain company.)