HaloWayPoint really needs an app for my phone !

I wish HaloWayPoint.com really had an app for my phone I would be so much more active and. Think alot of ppl really would be too !

On most mobile devices, you can create a shortcut to your home screen that’ll send you directly to Waypoint. It’s not quite exactly what you want, but it gets the job done.

Yeah I kind of wish it did too. I really like being able to check Reddit on the go and it would be really nice to do the same with Waypoint. I personally find it unlikely it will ever happen, but I guess we can all hope.

I would honestly spend more time on waypoint if there was a real working mobile app for it. Rather this than any other social media.

Waypoint was designed to be responsive out of the box and I find the mobile views work really great. If you haven’t already, try out the site in your browser.