HaloWaypoint.Com Site Re-Design Active!

The re-design of halowaypoint.com is active and ready for browsing with a load of new featues and content. Check it out and let us know what you think. Some features are still being rolled out, so lket us know if you have any issues anywhere on the site and we’ll look into (if we aren’t already).



looks good Jon a lot easier to navigate plus the theme matches halo way point on xbox live.

The forums need some work though. I know its just the beta but it would be much nicer to navigate if each halo game had its own category and discussion thread.

Is it possible the site can be managed to support the Safari browser better? My primary computer is my iMac, and I’ve noticed that Halo Waypoint simply doesn’t support it. Any future updates planned?

Its getting frustrating to have to use a different web browser or even my Windows Laptop.

Loving the new look. Although it seems it might be a bit bandwidth heavy. Could we look forward to a mobile version of the site for smart phones in the future?

Very nice!

cool. tho im having a huge problem getting to the forms. also when is the form getting the same makeover??

Why do all my posts have to be approved by a mod?

An RSS feed for the blog would be fantastic. Sorry to say, but I probably won’t ever actually read it unless I can get a convenient RSS feed. Otherwise, it’s a cool design, but scrolling speed could be turned up a bit.

After editing your profile, when you hit the forum button at the top of the page, it keeps you on the edit profile page… :frowning:

What I like.

  • the look (mostly see exceptions below)- The colors are easy on the eyes.

What I don’t like
*The font on the main page is neat but makes all the words fuzzy and hurts my eyes.

  • Having all the Games thrown together under one Multiplayer or Campaign heading. UNLESS you add in the ability to sort and/or filter by game. Then it might work. Right now it’s just a jumbled mess. I get the idea of reversing the hierarchy of the forums I just think the the game is better suited as the base case than the GameType. And once you have more people posting you might get someone in here that really wants to talk about Halo 3 and all he sees on the first 5 pages is Reach and he might think he’s in the wrong place. That and questions or comments about older games will get lost in a barrage of q&C for newer games. Just a thought.

  • The intelesense seems to be broken I cannot right click on a misspelled word to get a proper spelling. Instead i get options to Cut/Copy/paste/Insert a table but no spelling correction. It underlines the word in red but does not give me any options to fix it with.

  • The Silverlight version of the site is rather slow, and I have a fairly decent machine.

wat do u type in on xbox.com to get to halowaypoint

> wat do u type in on xbox.com to get to halowaypoint

Go to the bottom of this websites homepage and it should be there-that is if you’re talking about gettiing it on your xbox. if you want to get to this website just put halo. in front of xbox.com

So is glyph a 343i employee?

Glyph, you’ll be happy to know that the place you were supposed to moderate and manage has now been shut down and all its members scattered to the winds. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

This is, what I like to call, a zombie thread.


> This is, what I like to call, a zombie thread.

We used to call it necro.

A few threads are getting necroed/zombiefied.

> This is, what I like to call, a zombie thread.

Zombie thread? No. This thread got Flooded. puts on sunglasses (YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAH!)