HaloWarz.com Presents the LMS Tournament

HaloWarz.com is proud to present the Last Man Standing (LMS) Tournament!

This is HaloWarz first prize tournament, and we have big plans!

The HaloWarz.com LMS Tournament is a Free-For-All Single Elimination Tournament designed for 8 players to compete at a time.
Depending on how many people sign up for this event will decide how many brackets are created. However, if more than 8 people sign up, the winners of each heat will compete against each other to decide the overall winner.

The Tournament is set to play on June 23 (Saturday) at 4pm EST

Prizes for the LMS Tournament include:

1st Place - A Copy of Halo 4 (pr- ordered from your choice of retailer click here to see pre-order bonuses)

2nd Place - 1600 Microsoft Points

3rd Place - Medals Wall Clock http://i1.cpcache.com/product/258799454/medals_wall_clock.jpg?height=160&width=160

More details will be available once personnel have been signed up.

Signs up are open and will continue to stay open until further notice, so get signed up now! Visit HaloWarz.com