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HaloTracks is known for it’s database of racetracks, but unbeknownst to some of the racing community we also have a vibrant history of racing competitively on those tracks. We call groups that do this, “Squads,” and many have seen success throughout the history of HaloTracks. One such squad is HT Supercross.

How does HT Supercross work?

HT Supercross runs on an AMA-like format in 14 maximum player lobby. Racers have two chances to qualify. The first, being a Heat race. There are two 13 player max Heat races that occur on race day, but you need only worry about the Heat that you’re racing in. If you finish in the top 6, you automatically qualify for entry into the Main Event. The Last Change Qualifier (LCQ) is your last chance to qualify if you place out of the top 6. In the LCQ, the stakes are high. Only the top two finishers may advance to the Main Event.

The Main Event is the race that counts and is, by far, the toughest race to win. Main Event races are not qualification rounds. Whatever place a racer finishes in will be added towards their leaderboard score. Racers that do not qualify are also placed on the leaderboard, but with a “0” representing a DNQ for that race. HT Supercross emphasizes clean racing at all times. Wrecking is not allowed, nor is cheating the track, going backwards, disembarking your Mongoose to block the path or shoot at other racers, and “gate bouncing.”

Teams play a large role in HTSX. No team may have a population of more than four racers, and must have a minimum of two. The team with the most amount of points at any time in the season is rewarded with a +3 point bonus on the leaderboard. If that team is overtaken by another, they lose that +3 point advantage to the opposing team. Season 6 saw one team show absolute dominance. So dominant, in fact, that the closest team to them was over 50 points down from them. To mitigate this, the leaders of HT Supercross proposed a new concept.

That concept is made up of two parts. A salary based off of a racers finishing position in the last season, and a snake draft in which team leaders choose their members. The draft works as you might suspect. In the first round, the team finishing with the least amount of points picks first. The team finishing above all others picks last (unless any new teams are formed), but will pick first in the second round. This system is designed to keep teams competitive with each other, and to encourage team leaders to make more decisions on the team that they’d want to build. Personnel and draft-pick trades are allowed until Race 12.

Season 7

Season 7 is just weeks from beginning. xSODAPOP 13x has attained the title of champion. His team was that dominant force in Season 6. In his wake lies a series of determined racers, all vying for a championship of their own. Some of the most skilled racers in Halo are all joining in for what is set to be the biggest season ever. The prizes are bigger, the competition is more determined than ever, but the good times are still at an all-time high. Though this may be one of the more “serious” toned racing experiences in the game, we wouldn’t do it if that experience wasn’t fun.

We invite you to participate in our new season. HT Supercross has been around since the late stages of Halo 3, and we’re still growing. Not only do you get a chance to race in an incredibly intense environment, but you also get a chance to partake in a community that has lasted for over 6 years. After all, HT Supercross wouldn’t be where it is today without the support from the HaloTracks community.

Racing not your thing? Still want to see what HT Supercross is like? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be streaming as many races as we can on the HaloTracks Twitch channel. Racing commences Saturdays at 3:30PM Eastern Time.

To learn more about HT Supercross and stay up to date with Season 7, visit the forums at HT Supercross - HaloTracks

Race 1 of Season 7 begins March 1, 2014.

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