Halotracker Staff vs. The World

Get a chance to play against the Halotracker staff and win prizes. It’s easy to sign up just click on the link below for instructions.

Sign up now!


It begins Saturday April 7 and ends Sunday April 8.

Anyone can sign up if you don’t have a team you will be put in one.

Welcome to the HTR Staff vs The World Event!
This is your chance to face off against the staff of Halotracker!

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th April @ 3pm EST onwards

Raffle Prizes
1 x 1600 MSP USA
2 x 800 MSP USA
1 x 1 Month XBL
Randomly drawn from players on WINNING teams.

To sign up click HERE:

Please state what DLC you have, Noble, Defiant, Anniversary, etc.

Teams will be added to the schedule on a first come first serve basis.

Signs up close on the 5th April!

The Staff Roster
Subject to change.

HT Edge
Darkened Night
HTR EasyBake88
HT Ativan


  1. Do not attempt to cheat, this will get you booted from the event and blacklisted for future tournaments and events.

  2. Do not hold the objective or stat -Yoink!- in this event, there is no point. The staff team isnt trying to prove we are the best players ever, it is purely for fun. (although some of us have a competitive side.)

  3. No trash-talking, as stated above, this is for fun.

  4. Any complaining (in the forums or chatbox) about the games played or the event in general will be treated similar to rule #1, you’ve been warned.

All the rules & code of conduct information can be here!


The event will be 4v4 TU (85% Bloom) with a mix of objective. Maps will be Sword Base, Asylum & Zealot, also depends on whether ppl have the DLC, we would love to play some games on the Anniversary maps!

Gametypes (listed below) will be randomly chosen by me (HT Edge) in the lobby when we have the other team ready. This will make it a lot more fun and the staff team isnt playing the same map and gametype over and over.

Download links

TU Slayer DMRs
TU Capture The Flag
TU Neutral Flag CTF
TU Assault


If no one has any DLC, the primary map/gametype selection will be one of these:

TU Slayer DMRs - Countdown
TU CTF - Countdown
TU CTF - Asylum
TU Slayer DMRs - Asylum
TU Assault - Asylum
TU CTF - Zealot
TU Assault - Zealot

If the team has DLC, we will more than likely play on them, any of these map/gametype selections:

TU Slayer DMRs - Anchor 9
TU Capture The Flag - Anchor 9
TU Slayer DMRs - Damnation
TU Capture The Flag - Beaver Creek
TU Assault - Beaver Creek

Proposed schedule
The schedule will be updated once teams have signed up.

Each team will have 1 game against the staff team.

All times listed are EST.

Schedule Format
Time - Team Name (Gamertags) - Gametype/Map

If a gametype/map is not stated, one of the primary selections will be used. Gametypes and maps are only stated due to teams having specific DLC.

Current Schedules:
Saturday Schedule
3.00pm - High Steaks (Minds Rx, Original Ryuuka, Itz So DanKK, Reggie Noble) - TU Slayer DMRs on Countdown*
3.20pm - Forge Cafe (- undr zid, FC Elijah, Jonezy, Unusual Hiccup) - TU Slayer DMRs on Anchor 9
5.00pm - Iron Fox (Kai Bloodedge, zZacky, M o n cs t e r, StemboShwing) - TU CTF on Anchor 9
7.00pm - [F]ierce [D]escendants (BreNaded, VertexTango, Disconect, Sykore) - TU Assault on Asylum
7.20pm - Rolling In The Deep (Wini The Pro, HC KripTiK, J iiz Rippin, Kugar7) - TU CTF on Asylum

Sunday Schedule
3.00pm - Naturally Good (zBamHawk, Almighty Jose, Air Nikes, zlMonster)- TU Slayer DMRs on Beaver Creek

Current List of Free Agents

Free Agents without DLC
Format: Gamertag - Day - Time

Black Shoxz - Any - Any
Tzeiggi - Both days - Any
armedjoewass - Saturday - Any
UnknownNinja98 - Saturday - 3 to 7pm
iSWATxJOKERi - Both days - 7 to 8pm

Free Agents with DLC
Format: Gamertag - Which DLC they have - Day - Time

Legitti - All - Sunday - Any
Black Screeen - All - Both days - Any
Ekrin - All - Both days - Any
Good Eatz - Anniv - Both days - Any
v HatsuneMiku v - All - Both days - Any
pnutlicious - All - Sunday - 5pm onwards
Evildark007 - All - Both days - Any
BiKeLoK - All Both days - Any
ArchedParasite - All - Saturday - 4 to 8pm
XXS0LARFLAREXX - Noble & Anniv - Both days - Any
HC HALO 3 RECON - All - Saturday - 8pm
maxxd10123 - All - Saturday - 3.20pm
NintendoTiger - Anniv - Both days - Any
Male Lord - All - Both days - Any
IPacifist - All - Both days - Any
Ch33ze311 - All - Both days - 12am-7am Pacific
MilitarySpade - All - Both days - Any
x parrot bay x - Anniv - Both days - Any
iBleedGreatness - All - Both days - Any
DarkCullen - All - Both days - Any
NEGRO96 - Anniv - Both days - 3 to 6pm
FZoonE - All - Both days - Any
Shadow ex 3116 - All Both days - Any

*Subject to change. If the team hasn’t stated what DLC they have, one of the primary selections is used.If they turn out to have some DLC, one of the DLC selections will be chosen.