Halo's Transformations. Then and Now (Please Read)


I’ve always been a Halo fan. I started with Playstation, and when i saw Halo i instantly knew Xbox was the console for me. Why? Halo was an exclusive to Microsoft, and every game wanted to be like Halo. The campaign, the characters, the ‘feels’. Everything was nostalgic. Although i never got heavily into Halo until Halo 3 (Due to being around 10 when Halo 2 was released) i knew these games were the ones for me. The reason i bought the 360, was for Halo 3. Halo 3 was purchased the same week it came out, and i couldn’t have been happier to play it. The graphics were, revolutionary. The trueskill ranking system Microsoft had developed was outstanding. Although i was never heavily into competitive until around 2009, i do however remember ‘Halo 2 kids’ complaining about equipment. Equipment in Halo 3 was about as big of a deal as armor abilities in Reach. Halo 2 was pure gunskill, Halo 3 added equipment in to give players an ‘advantage’ sorta like power weapons do. When Reach came out, i became very heavily competitive. I enjoyed Reach, the beta was something else [in a good way]. I disliked Armor Lock, but so did everyone else. I actually enjoyed Reach a lot (Before you call me a Reach kid i have multiple 50’s. You can even check my service record tyvm). Finishing the campaign and fighting the covenant to your last breathe was an experience within itself. Halo 4 i couldn’t have been any more excited for. I have bought all the most expensive editions for each Halo (excluding 2 and CE.) The day Halo 4 was available to preorder, i went right to Bestbuy. I took it home, and i must say i enjoyed the campaign. But this is where things get disappointing. As i went into Wargames (which gave a reason as to why Red Spartans battled Blue Spartans) i noticed something that was a little odd. Halo had gotten away from Arena Based Slayer. An Arena game is a game where everyone starts out with the exact same weapons, and you search the map for powerups, weapons and anything else to get an advantage over the other team. Now, you could create your own class. The boltshot was a pocket shotgun and their was lack of weapons and powerups on the map. Then as i would get kills i noticed something called Ordanance. Perks, Carepackages, and ‘Create-A-Class’ all made me realize something. It seemed that 343 was not catering to the long term fans, but instead wanted to cater to call of duty fans and bring them over, which failed horribly. Halo isn’t a game you can just pick up and be a monster at. It takes lots of time to get good, requires more communication, and requires map control which isn’t very necessary in CoD. Yes CoD competitive requires a good deal of teamwork and skill, but playing 40 high Squad Battle was harder by a long shot. I was disgusted.

Halo 4 was a failure in my book when it came to competitive. Halo which was the longest running MLG event on the circuit, was relinquished due to how much of a fail it was. When MCC was announced, the nostalgia of the ‘back-in-the-day’ video games hit me like a ton of bricks. Where instead of getting called a BK Fa***t and to snap your disc and slit your throat with it, mature players would say “Good game, hopefully we do better next time”. The reason i bought the Xbox One, was the same as the 360, Halo. MCC by how 343 made it sound, would start up, and you would pick one of the games and it would start up exactly as it did on the 360. Same screen, and everything. First thing i did was play Halo 3. It looked amazing, how it looked to me on the 360 before i played the One. But unfortunately it was broken. I couldn’t get into games, and when i did it would be 3v4. Hence why i nicknamed it 3v4 industries. 343 had years to launch this game, and they couldn’t do it properly. They even had the audacity to port Halo 2 Vista, which if you played it you would know that Halo 2 Vista was riddled with issues unlike it’s step brother. All the Halo 2 vista issues, have now been ported into MCC which have to be fixed all over again. MCC furthermore, is not fun due to the lack of trueskill. Going from Halo 3 trueskill playing 40 high, and then going to MCC is like playing social slayer which makes you worst. Even the kids that run in parties are bad honestly. It seems like all the good kids left Halo in 2010, and what’s left are on the 360. When MCC was first launched as well as 4, i was wondering why their wasn’t a population counter. In less than 6 months only 40,000 were still playing Halo 4. Halo 3’s population sat above 100,000 for 3 years. With MCC being broken, and 4 no longer being an arena based slayer, 343 missed their shot at a steady global population. I wouldn’t doubt, that the MCC is now housing 20,000 people or less per day. My Xbox One sits as a paperweight, collecting dust. I learned today that 343 will not be remaking Midship (Halo 3’s Heretic, and Halo Reach’s Zealot) for H2A due to the fact it is being remade twice for Halo 5. Halo 5’s midship does not play like midship at all due to accommodate the new armor abilities. It seemed as though H5 Beta ran better than MCC itself, which i didn’t purchase MCC to play the beta. ‘Ground pound’ is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard of. 343 makes great campaigns, but when it comes to matchmaking they need help. If you take deductive reasoning into consideration, look at Halo 3, Reach, and 4. Everytime they add something new whether it be equipment, armor abilities or ordinance their is a problem. Halo unlike cod, doesn’t need to be ‘changed’. I love H2A (apart from it having H4’s game engine). No sprint, and just gunskill is fine by me. No armor abilities to save your shields, or jetpacks to get a better vantage. True Arena based matchmaking. Halo matchmaking is ruined. Sure you can get a 50 in H2A, but you still get matched up with 10’s so what’s the point? Where is the competitiveness that i remember? Where are the games that would be 49-49 on The Pit where you would pass the rockets to whoever was able to grab customs to make a push up training? I don’t think i will be buying Halo 5 let alone renting. But if i do, it will be for campaign only. 343 was more focused on getting the beta proper, rather the MCC itself. Unprofessional. Recruiting a few MLG pros to a developer team, won’t save a game when everyone is not on the same page. Take away armor abilities, stop trying to steal cod fans because they won’t convert. They don’t want to spend years attempting at getting great at a video game when they can point and shoot and kill in 2 bullets on a different game. Why else would MLG pros leave and go to Cod? They knew Halo was going in the wrong direction. ie Enable etc. I know you’re trying 343, and you probably won’t see this, but take into account what true veterans want who have high skill levels, get some people on board like Abe and Achronos if they’re even still around. I do not know what goes on behind closed doors, this isn’t a bashing thread towards you or anything but something clearly isn’t working.


Take a step back, look at what is failing, and pull it. Stop adding, and go back to true gunskill. Or at least for Halo 5 make a playlist where it runs like Halo 2. No armor abilities, no ordinance, no sprint, just Arena Slayer (which was missing from Halo 4 as well). I look forward to playing the MCC once it is fixed, but unfortunately that is not the same case for everyone, they have already returned their copies in exchange for something else. But until the MCC has proper ranking, and fixed matchmaking i will play Halo 3 on the 360 and continue to play 40 high with other skilled players.