Halo's Official Lore Order

People are starting to ask what is Halo’s official order in terms of its Lore? User CIA391 has done a fantastic job and did the work for us many years ago. On that thread (which can be found here) there is a whole list depending on what you are more interested in the Lore. Whether it’s only the games, the books, the books and games, or all Lore combined. Although, it hasn’t been updated since 2015 by the looks of it. I went ahead and updated it with the recent additions. Including The Master Chief stories we have gotten in recent years. I also added Halo: Infinite and the new and upcoming Halo: Point of Light. A sequel to Halo: Renegades. I also added Sadie’s Audio Logs from Halo 3: ODST as they are technically a small part of the Lore. These additions can be found on Page 4 of the thread. For those wanting to know what to read and in what order, I agree with user Happy Place8166. Read the books in order of release date. Certain themes use some books that are on different timelines and it makes more sense when they are read while understanding these themes.

However, the first book you should read without a doubt is Halo: The Fall of Reach. The book released in October 2001 and set the stage for Halo: Combat Evolved.

Hope this helps those wanting to know the Lore’s order and wondering what game/book they should play first.

See you on Zeta Halo!

Appreciate the shout out! I think reading in order of release date is the best way because it’s how the story was meant to be understood. If someone wants to read chronologically, then go for it, But release date seems to be the easiest way to digest the vast lore of Halo.