Halo's Music

The music of the Halo games has played such an important part in the games entire experience and the theme song is probably the most recognizable theme song of any 21st century game. The Halo games are some of the few games that don’t actually have an option to stop the music and I’m sure none of us Halo fans have ever wanted to, but there are some missions in particular where the music affects us so much more making it so much better. Whether it’s the screeching guitar solos or the string-heavy orchestral numbers, do tell which are your favourite Halo songs. Which missions were they in? Which game had the best soundtrack over all? How did they affect your Halo experience?

I personally loved how the song in the final mission of Halo 3 contributed to the sheer intensity of it all. I do feel that the Halo 2 soundtrack was, almost unarguably, the best and I really, really loved the songs that Incubus did in it. You may all remember that one song in the Banshee mission with the chaotic guitar riff playing in all different time signatures. That was one of four songs Incubus did for the Halo 2 soundtrack but that only one that was actually in game, I believe. And let’s not forget that Breaking Benjamin’s “Blow Me Away”, Hoobastank’s “Connected” and Nile Rodger’s “Never Surrender” were featured in the soundtrack too. The song “Epilogue” was also pretty nice and deserves an honourable mention.

Anyways, I really hope that you guys at 343 can par Marty’s (and Michael Salvatori’s) musical genius. It’s sad that he’ll be gone but I’m positive that you guys won’t disappoint musically.

While I agree that I think overall Halo 2’s soundtrack was the best, I don’t agree about the extra band songs on the Vol. 1 disc. Aside from the two that were actually in game (I do enjoy Follow, and would listen to Blow Me Away more often if it was the instrumental version that was in-game), I did not like the band songs. They just did not have a Halo feel to them for me.

I think the odst soundtrack is nr 1, with Halo 2 ost under it

Marty is a genius. I imagine 343i will find someone just as talented.

ODST’s was the best, but Wars proved that Marty isn’t the only one who can make beautiful Halo music.

ODST or Reach would be my favourite of the soundtracks.

Just wanted to say, the club in “New Alexandria” (Club Ererra?) didnt seem anything like a club. Until you added the music in.

i agree music does paly a big part in halo games.
and in you’re next major game in the Halo series for example Halo 4 i believe you should take a look back at Halo 2 it had the best soundtrack out of all the games, i loved the edited theme song pretty much all the music on the main menu was great it suited halo so much and it was great in game aswell.

away from this topic.

i believe you should do what Bungie did when they started creating Halo: Reach, with you’re next main Halo title continuing on with the halo series i believe you should take a look at the previous games like Halo: Reach, Halo: CE, Halo 2 (because Halo: Reach is first in the story line) take a look back at them then continue on with the story line of Halo: 3.