Halos good, but can it get better?

Hello, I’ve heard these ideas floating around and have decided to make some of my own. I will bundle them all up into a neat little package.

  • REQs to customize your spartans hud - REQs to customize you warzone voice guide person. I don’t remember what their called… XD - Be able to assassinate AI enemy marines. You can assassinate every other AI, so why not? - Able to make some sort of player dummie in forge. Like you would be able to make an elite, but he just stands their. But if you shoot, punch, or assassinate him It will feel like you killing a player. If they could do this with many versions of AI, or just make AIs in forge that would be awesome! Its also a fun way to do assassination montages, practice shooting, or do some warmups before you go into a game.
    I think if they added these to halo it would be even better than it is. And I know IAs are hard to add to forge but it would be so cool!!!

Tell me what you think, or even tell me some of your own ideas.

There is always room for improvement and we’ll just have to see how it does keep changing and evolving