Halos garbage

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Take the banhammer and stick it

The fact a mod hasn’t done anything about this is surprising. But let’s be honest. You have no reason to come on this particular website to post something rude. It’s immature. You have the right to dislike Halo. But this is a place to talk about halo in a good way or to voice criticisms of a feature that you may not agree with. Just being plain rude is not cool. There are thousands of other games across several dozen other platforms you can play on. No need to come here to post this. It is a waste of time and energy and really rude. Try to be a bit more mature about what you post. Maybe try making a discussion.

For example:

“Halo has become worse since its inception because the story is getting too far from the original Bungie Script.”

That sounds a lot nicer than “Halo’s garbage.” It can also facilitate a better discussion.

That’s the best part about having an opinion You’re allowed to have them even when you’re wrong But on a serious note you are literally on a halo website with fans of halo how did you think this was gonna pan out

dude is probably jalous that halo is getting back as the top shooter again with halo infinite lol

It’s not necessary or helpful to comment on this kind of thing. Just report it and we’ll get to it when we can.

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> The fact a mod hasn’t done anything about this is surprising.

Just because one hasn’t doesn’t mean we won’t, it’s just that someone hasn’t gotten to it yet. Have to remember that we’re all volunteers here and do this on our spare time.

As Comedy noted, in future please just report posts like this instead of responding. Don’t give trolls the attention they crave, that just makes our job so much harder.