Halos Future

It’s painful to describe how much I love and feel about halo 3 and memories I have for this game.

It would be a God level and a tremendous pinicle in game development if 343 could pull off a Halo 3 Anaverseary, let alone halo 3’s existence as it is now.
This is how I felt for the master chief collection. And it unimaginably devastates me the lack of care when it was launching and it’s unexciting support as of now.
These games are important to me they hold countless memorys that are most dear to me. The reputation and image of this franchise means a lot to me and most if not all the Halo community.

Some of the poor decisions you made are unforgivable and has made a negative impact in the history of this franchise. We have moved on to newer things and hope you will continue to make thoughtful decisions considering the community with the future of Halo.
I enjoy some of the work you have done and overall satisfied with the continuous support you have driven into Halo 5.

When making future projects I cannot stress this enough to Highly Concider our emotional ties we have to this miracle called Halo.

Some of my personal concerns are The music more than anything music is core to what made Halo halo it ties moments and emotions together. Secondly go back to the roots of halo splitscreen was what brought the majority of us to continue to stick with Halo. If not then most Important the Master Chief you need to give him that heroic all out solider hero he has been built to be. Make him him giving him a personality takes the emerson away from the player.
One last note is your marketing look at the way Bungie marketed it’s games specifically Halo 3. The Belive campaign was undoubtedly successful and brought out raw excitement and emotion from people at least it did for me.
To busy hunting the truth what you don’t realize the truth is right in front of you. 343i

I see Bungie coming back to take the reigns once they’re all done with Activision and Destiny

I hated halo 5’s campaign, to me it didn’t have that feeling of wonder CE had, or that feeling of mystery halo 2 had. Halo 5 felt like they stripped off all the things that made halo’s campaign good but, it did have its moments. On the topic of music, halo 5 had a good OST with many other fans agreeing, but halo 5’s downfall was definitely it’s campaign, if they gave the campaign the halo wars feel it would be one of the best halo games to date.

I just hope that 343 can give back that halo CE feel, and fix their mistakes.

I just want a better campaign with more Blue Team