Halo's Forerunner Tank

Over all the forerunner, I literally cannot believe 343i has forgotten such an enemy what could’ve been such a challenge to kill such as a Promethean. Ladies and gentlemen, do you remember?

They Enforcer!

If you’re not familiar with such a thing, they are the equivalent to the Promethean, big shield on the front, was either destroy that shield and shoot it, or active-camo ability and stick it from behind. You fight these in Halo 2, I understand their back-story is to kill flood in dire situations, but this would’ve probably boosted Halo 4.

What you think?

its a neat idea but i dont think itd work since i dont think the sentinels ever became controlled by the didact.

They only come out when there has been a large flood outbreak, and as said the didact didn’t control the sentinels, the librarian did.

The Guardians from Halo 3 that were cut would’ve been nice too. They could’ve added a nice buildup to the Didact’s reveal too.

The sentinels work for the Librarian, not the Didact, so if they were in the game they would be helping you, not fighting you.

Wouldn’t they technically be Builder machines? What with being more related to halo’s defences and not its nature preserves?

Why do lifeworkers/builders have better offensive robots than the warrior caste?

Also, when I read this tittle, I confused it for the actual Forerunner Tank that was cut from halo 2 and apparently became the gondola.