|in this thread I’ll only talk about the halos that are on the xbox one (Halo 5, Halo MCC and Halo Reach).|

So I’ve been playing these 3 games everyday and I noticed that none of these games are in a great state to have a “perfect” enjoyable session of play, but why I say this?
Starting with the older one, Halo Reach it’s been around for 6 years now, SIX YEARS! and there is still a quite a population playing it, at least that is what I think because I cant get a official confirmation, but I’ll get to it later on. And I found (not only me) that Reach’s backward compatible version isn’t a pleasant one to play (since its launch). It has A LOT of frame rate issues which at some points its unplayable! This really saddens me because its one of my favorite Halos and I don’t have a xbox 360 to play it… But the problem is that the Frame rate issue is not the only one problem that hurts Halo Reach’s state! There is another one which it doesn’t seem like a great deal but it is (at least in my opinion), which is NO PLAYER COUNTER ANYMORE! What the h* 343i or Microsoft? Why have you done a silent patch for a 6 year old game to make it worse? There is no excuse possible…
Moving to the infamous Halo The Master Bro… ah sorry… THE MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION, THE CHOSEN ONE, THE ONLY ONE ONE THAT COULD PLEASE THE ENTIRE HALO COMMUNITY! But it failed miserably… Still to this day, when I think about what this game could actually do to bring this BROKEN community together, it almost bring me tears… So “What are the problems with this game?” you ask… no you don’t
ask because EVERYBODY KNOWS WHAT ARE THE PROBLEMS! So I won’t list them here. All I want to say is: BUNGIE FIX YOUR -Yoink- GAME!!! No I’m just kidding, 343i now that you’ve done the “new” content to Halo 5, you should care more about MCC, just saying.
Finally Halo 5, a game that has a lot of potential but doesn’t succeeds. First, the campaign, almost the entirety of its little community agrees that the campaign its not great. But bigger problem with it, it’s that it can’t be fixed! Moving to the multiplayer side, the reqs need some serious improvement and the progression rewards need to be satisfying to get! Like, I don’t know, put armours on the progression system and keep only the things related with warzone in the req packs. In my opinion this would be more satisfying to all players, but I know this won’t happen. But what I want to say is, make reqs better… I know you won’t do in this game but at least in the next game.
That’s about it what I wanted to say about this topic, I would love to see your opinions too!

343 were talking about MCC to a guy on forums I heard. they been hearing the problems and are fixing it.

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> 343 were talking about MCC to a guy on forums I heard. they been hearing the problems and are fixing it.

can you give me the link to that?


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> Link

thank you

The biggest issue with H5 is a community split into factions about what’s fun and what’s not, on about a billion different fronts. I never bothered with the MCC collection so I can’t weigh in on that. Not cause I didn’t love all the past games, I just like moving forward. Which is coincidentally one of the biggest rifts in H5. Some players embrace change while others want copy pasta from previous games.