Halo's change of armor design.

This has probably been said before but I noticed that as time goes on Halo’s games have been adding more and more details to just about every visual aspect of the game. Whether it be all the parts of a weapon, little additions to vehicles, or even the outline of the huds. I just think too much detail can hurt a game’s style and feel. However, this isn’t always a bad thing. Adding detail can provide nice little additions to items and really bring to life the world of halo. It’s just when it can feel like too many visuals to look at. I will be looking at Spartan armor as my example. The spartan armor through halo 1-3 was pretty basic shapes and angles of how spartan armor was shaped. Small additions can be added to customize the look of spartans but every spartan still had the same general profile.

As time went on and it allowed for more detail and creativity they could add new things. Warthogs had gas canisters, mongooses had proper-looking seats, weapons had safety’s and little parts added. However, with the spartan armor, it just seemed like weird shaping and random parts welded onto Spartan armor. Random pieces would be jutting out the armor like the thruster packs which made spartans look top-heavy and unbalanced. I noticed as well in Halo 4 pieces seem to be more geometric and have lots of smaller parts to make the bigger set of armor. Looking very clunky and messy. Halo 5’s armor was very curvy and rounded from the chest piece and smaller limb pieces. Where the armor pieces seemed to get smaller and the underclothing was prominently showing. Halo 2-3 armor seemed to make a balance between coverage and size. Covering the body but not made of many smaller pieces. Being sized to fit the Spartan and not jut too far out to give any noticeable shapes. You can understand what your looking at from the top to bottom without having to strain your eyes and figure out what is connected to what. Thanks for reading this all up to debate though even me as human may be subject to bias.

I like what they did with customization personally just only so little we got to see. But i like that you can add or take OFF certain gear if you wanted with a decent amount of body parts to give more variety from player to player so not everyone looks like the same spartan i think they did better with that this time around.