Halos BR’s TTK is too long(ranked)

The halo BR has a perfect ttk of 1.55 seconds which doesn’t leave much room for Individual outplay potential. Ever lost a battle to a guy with a stalker rifle? Well that gun has a perfect ttk of 1 second so as long as his aim is good he’s gonna beat you most of the time. The BR is the spawning utility and yet has no reward to individual performance. Of course lowering it isn’t viable since the BR is really easy to use especially for onyx players. I’d really like a shorter ttk of say 1.1-1.2 ttk weapon as the spawning weapon but harder to use.


I agree, but you’re not going to get much support for that idea here. Idk why but 99% of Halo players have convinced themselves that having weak weapons in Halo is what allows you to “outplay” people, rather than the difference between minimum ttk and average ttk.


Ain’t this what the commando is doing? It’s ttk is 1.14s and it’s hard to use.


Yet somehow, i can manage to land multiple bursts and not get the kill, while others seem to do it in 2 bursts and im down.

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Bloom isn’t skill based. Shouldn’t be forced to artificially lower the weapons effective ttk to compensate for bloom.


Regardless of the bloom, the commando ticks most of the demands OP made.

I hope we’re not just going to throw out the commando as an option simply because of bloom. It can be reduced.


Bloom needs to be removed from every weapon in the game, completely. We beat this horse to death 50x when Reach came out.


I don’t really understand this argument. Before bloom existed weapons were just inherently innaccurate, now they are accurate with controlled fire.

The Commando’s bloom is manageable and part of the weapons design & identity as an automatic precision weapon.

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Sounds like you want Halo 3’s BR then, and I agree.

Halo 3’s BR is the best balanced BR in the game, with really good kill time if all shots land, and easy to use for both noobs and veterans, but a true master of it will know to lead shots for long range skirmishes.

Nah, TTK is good. Stalker rifle deserves to be better, only one exists on a map at any given time.

That’s 1 in 8.


It’d be great if the bloom was reduced, however I was crap at Reach DMR so my skill level shouldn’t be taken into account lol

Doesn’t the infinte BR have the same TTK as H3?
Almost positive it has the same TTK as the H3 BR

Yep. Same as H3. It seems H3 BR was a key influence in the making of the H:I BR.

I don’t understand wht OP is saying it is too slow then…
Its TTK is perfect IMO, I’d like to see it go from hitscan to projectile based again, but thats a differnet topic

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I’ve seen contradicting TTK’s out there for the BR.

Halo 3’s was 1.55s, which I have seen some suggest it is for Halo Infinite. However I’ve also seen video tests and other sources which show the BR is more like ~1.70s. Not a huge difference but it may be a little slower.

I think it’s desync.

I know! Halo Reach’s original bloom was horrible, but ever since then bloom has been managable. It comes across as “You don’t have skill for properly timing your shots and not mindlessly spamming the trigger!” Timing and trigger discipline is part of the learning curve. The BR is nearly hit-scan so a longer TTK is the drawback. The idea between the commando and the BR is that the Commando has a faster TTK at mid-to-long ranges, and full auto at close range, but requiring skill for shots to be led and timed. The BR isn’t as good at close range, and a slower TTK, but it is easier to get mid-to-long range kills.

Its the I don’t like to insult people. At the same time I can’t help but lump that argument with the same people that dislike manglers in tactical slayer and the skewer in snipers. Every one has their personal preferences, but when they bring up how “the mangler is a close range weapon/ the skewer kills in one hit, they aren’t skill-based weapons” Tells me they don’t pay attention to the sandbox. The mangler is an all-range weapon. Its in tactical slayer because you need to arch your shots. Ever since it lost its melee buff (which I still hate its gone) it hasn’t been a close-range weapon. For the people who say “its easier to use at close range” as a MnK player, every weapon is easier at close range! Even the BR! Also shields aren’t in tactical slayer, every melee has the same amount of damage. And the Skewer, you get one shot, you mess it up, you’re dead. You also have to arch and lead your shots, just like the mangler. This is also ignoring that sniper matches are made for head-shots which only take one shot in the first place. you miss it, you have a slim chance to run and find cover before you’re taken out instead. The same process applies to the skewer.

You cannot argue the BR takes more skill than the weapons that are inherently skill based. It might be a different skill set, but you’re comparing a hit-scan " every shot needs to land accurately to win" weapon, vs projectile-based “predict your shots and be rewarded for your planning” weapon. The BR takes skill, but every weapon functions differently. That’s the point of a sandbox. This isn’t COD where an AK and M4 work exactly the same. Everything has its clearly defined role, it just depends on if the gun itself does its role well or not. That is an entirely different argument.

ANYWAY that rant over, for the main topic I never really liked the idea of TTK’s anyway since it is only for ideal situations and not real matches. Its nice to have on a graph, but matches don’t fit numbers that well. That’s why I’ve always ignored player statistics, same reason I tend to avoid ranked. (So don’t take what I say too seriously.) I don’t want to treat playing a game like a job. That said, if you get killed by a stalker rifle of all things, then I say that person found the weapon they’re good with and I’m happy for them. Comparing it with the BR, the stalker rifle fills the tier-2 long-range slot. I expect it to be better than the BR. That’s like complaining that the ravager is too powerful and the AR needs to be stronger to compensate. The tier 2 weapons are made to be stronger than tier 1! Otherwise, why would you change them? If the starting weapon is too good then there is no reason to trade it out. Heck, there wouldn’t be a reason to have different guns in the first place if you only need the one.

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Reading this makes me miss the h5 magnum. I feel like if that weapon was refined enough, it’s the best ranked starting weapon ever created. 5SK, and you can’t just panic and drag your reticle over a 1 shot player and land a lucky bullet off the 3 round burst like the BR.

The BR gets stuck so often between being too good, or handicapped by dumb mechanics that cause randomness in fights like how the old games got flack for the BR inconsistencies in h3s default settings (which is another reason why damaged got moved to 110% to compensate that in the other playlist), or when people say h2s BR was too easy to use. Pretty much stuff like bad recoil, randpmized bullet spread, and even flinch came into halo at one point…all as an means to artificially make it harder to land shots which none of those felt good…and really didn’t reflect skill.

So 5 came out…and again…its (the BR) in a weird place cause the magnums good, but then…squeezing in the BR…BR felt too good some said…tweaked it…turned it into garbage…then the many threads about the magnum being overused came out despite every damn halo game having a main utility weapon…and that time just happened to not be the BR…trying to fit both in just couldn’t really be done right.

If and when a DMR is introduced to the game…again its gonna have the same effect if both BR and DMR are on the same map where 1 feels either too good or not good enough. Things get tweaked and then all hell breaks loose.

Idk what could be changed for the BR. I feel like it kills really fast right now. Despite some disliking how the strafe is in infinite, if it weren’t for that, then there’d be even less outplay potential in raw 1v1s.

I’ll always prefer a single bullet, shot for shot precision weapon like the magnum or dmr over the BR. The br is iconic…i get that…but I just dont like it over the others. Idk if that will ever change in infinite though.

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I’m not sure I follow the logic here, the Halo 5 magnum killed faster than the BR75 so how can you take issue with how fast the BR kills yet claim the Halo 5 magnum was the best ranked starter ever created?

The magnum also had insane bullet magnetism where it would hit the head even if your reticle wasn’t on an enemy.

Its the settings that mattered. Innate thrusters allowed for lots of outplays. If someones just standing there and you’re hitting every single shot, sure you can view it that way. The cadence for 5 shots and 5 trigger pulls to me feels better, and for h5 as ive said with thrusters adding that layer to a players strafe made a world of a difference.

If you recall, i also said a “refined” version. Ive said it quite a few times here actually. Not this specific thread, but anytime i partake in such topics. So adjusting something like ROF for example would change a lot, and imo is better than stuff like creating weird recoil or weapon bloom thats absurd.

The message im trying to get across is that a refined version of the 5 magnum for infinite would be great. Im not saying place the as is 5 magnum in infinite. It had higher magnetism as well since spartans could create lots of momentum shifts even in their strafe(due to thrusters and movement combos). Kind of inherently had to be done that way.

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