Halo's Best Weapon

The Halo Trilogy has had a lot of awesome weapons brought to the table and from the Covenant Empire to the United Nations Space Command, which weapon in the entire Halo Trilogy was, in your opinion, the best gun to use?
Comment down below! Mine was the M392 Designated Marksman Rifle.

I liked the majority of the Br’s it goes with my playstyle and i love me some snipers the energy sword and gravity hammer were cool to use. But when it came to PVP sniper and Br was my to go to for campaigns the covenenate fuel rod cannon was clutch.

I have always had the most fun with the Magnum, to be honest. Even Halo 2’s one.

I know its not the best but I always go for the carbine but as far as the best goes it is a tough call but I think it would have to be a pvp weapon.
I guess where I mentioned it is a pvp thing it would also have to be a starting weapon so I would have say the BR.

i love all the guns i have to admit, but the commando is my top tier gun at the moment.