HaloReachPC:DMR shouldn't be starting wep in BTB

“The starting gear should be Assault Rifle/Assault Rifle + Magnum, especially in BTB. DMR start makes Halo Reach a generic shooter and it sucks the fun out of the game. That is:
<ul class=”_33MEMislY0GAlB78wL1_CR"> - It makes other weapons useless: the DMR isn’t the most powerful weapon in the game, but when everybody starts with it, almost every weapon you could pick from the ground becomes obsolete:
<ul class="_33MEMislY0GAlB78wL1_CR"> - Short range and melee weapons become useless since there is no way you can shorten the distances between you and the enemy. For example the only way to use a shotgun in maps like Tempest or Breakpoint is to either A) hide and wait for an unsuspicious enemy to come in your area or B) crouch walk to get to the enemy and hope they don’t spot you before you can hit them. But that doesn’t feel much like Halo now does it?

  • The DMR and the Needle Rifle become useless for obvious reasons. I could be wrong, but I don’t recall assault rifles being on the ground in Halo Reach maps; on the other hand DMRs and Needle Rifles are map weapons. Almost like the DMR should be a power weapon, not a weapon everyone has.
  • The sniper rifle and the focus rifle lose a lot of their importance. A DMR is almost as good as a sniper rifle in mid-long range. It’s not uncommon to see a sniper lose to a good DMR player. Two DMR players on the other hand usually do a better job than a sniper in controlling a part of the map in open ground. That being said, sniper rifles still are one of the (few) weapons still worth seeking out in BTB.
  • Magnum: its strength is the fact that you can one-shot players whose shield is down. With AR/Magnum start you probably would still use the assault rifle as your primary weapon since it’s more effective than the magnum in medium/short range; you would switch to the magnum when you empty your mag during a gunfight or when you spot an enemy without shields. Now there’s not much use of a weapon like that when the DMR does everything the magnum does but better; there’s also no need of a secondary weapon to switch to when you have no time to reload, since a single mag of the DMR is more than enough to kill 2 players.
  • Heavy weapons: their main use should be as anti-vehicle. Now there’s not much use of an anti-vehicle weapon when 2 or 3 DMRs can do a better job than a rocket launcher at taking out a Warthog+gunner or a full-manned Falcon. Their turret loses to a DMR in almost every situation, except when you catch a player on foot in open ground, in mid-close range of the turret. Hell, you can easily take out a Wraith when you have 3 players focusing their DMR fire on it.
  • Fixed turrets: they are a joke. If everyone didn’t have a DMR they would be such a powerful tool to control a part of the map in the open (and that is their meaning in the game I guess). You would use a fixed turret to suppress the enemy players, and they could do nothing but hide behind cover and find a way to get behind you. Now with everyone having a DMR, you can’t survive 5 seconds firing a turret. Detaching a turret is also pointless, because you still have less firepower then every player you could encounter, and you are also an easy target due to the fact that you move slowly.
    [/list] - It heavily changes the vehicle gameplay, in the worse. As I mentioned before: the DMR is exceptionally effective at taking out vehicles. That wouldn’t be a problem if there was just a single guy trying to hit you when you drive, but since everyone has a DMR, driving is a death sentence. Vehicle are supposed to be anti-infantry, not the opposite.
    <ul class="_33MEMislY0GAlB78wL1_CR"> - Banshee and Falcon: you can’t even get in shooting range before getting shot down. These vehicles make you a big target, and the fact that you are flying means almost everyone on the ground will notice you and try to kill you (which they easily can, since the DMR allows them to do so, unlike the assault rifle). It’s like having a bullseye painted on you.
  • Ghost: its front protection isn’t nearly enough to prevent you from getting blown up in 5 seconds, when two players shoot at you with a DMR. It’s supposed to be an hit-and-run vehicle, but you really can’t run away when 2 angry people are putting precision shots in your back. You are lucky if you manage to even approach the enemy without losing your shield.
  • Warthog: this one hits close to home. I love driving the warthog and getting driver assists. But what’s really the point when your gunner can’t survive for 15 seconds? The warthog in BTB is almost pointless. In this flight I never seen a gunner getting more than a killing spree.
  • Wraith: didn’t see it much in action in the flight, but you know the drill. Gets blown to pieces pretty quickly.
  • EDIT: the mongoose! Who the f uses the mongoose though? Its engine sound lets every opponent know that there is an easy target roaming the map. It’s not even useful to get to a destination, since again, you have no need to get to any destination on the map whatsover. In an 8v8 AR game you could let a buddy hop in, and run into the enemies’ territory to cause havoc; sure no one would kill anyone because the AR is not accurate enough, but it would be FUN.
    [/list] - Objective gamemodes don’t seem to be designed around it: you can forget flag runs, for example. It’s way too easy to take out a specific player when the enemy has reasons to do so. I don’t have solid arguments in favorof this point, but then again it just doesn’t feel right. It’s just an impression, it feels like teamwork loses a lot of its value when everyone starts with DMR. All you need is good shooting, and everything else doesn’t matter.
  • My most important point: it makes the game feel like a generic shooter. The map becomes just a playground where you kill enemies. No point in rushing to power weapons, no point in controlling map zones, no point in using vehicles, no point in staying close to your teammates. My first thought when I respawn is to locate an enemy to shoot at, because I know I need nothing else but the weapon I respawn with to be effective. I don’t need to worry about enemies vehicles roaming around, or to acknowledge where my teammates are, which team controls which weapons and which parts of the map. It feels like a bare bones shooter and it doesn’t feel like Halo at all to me.
    [/list]It hurts to see how much potential of the game is wasted for a simple thing like this, it really does. The fact that the game is on PC and people are more precise than ever in mid-long range doesn’t help either.
    Now I know that the starting gear in Halo games have been discussed countless time before. I don’t even hope they actually make the assault rifle the default weapons in the final game. I’d just like to know if I’m the only one who thinks that DMR start sucks." -u/SystolicLeaf964

As it is the meta is much different because of this simple change, if we could get clasic BT slayer with AR’s I think it would massively improve the game. Thanks for any 343 devs that took time to read the aforementioned post.

A head-shot capable, long-range rifle can (and always will be) the starting weapon in Halo BTB. The Halo 5 community already tried to change the current BR starts in Halo 5’s BTB Refresh. It didn’t work. Why do you think that 343i will now listen to this one post and change the starting weapon? The track record doesn’t support this change being made. You’re very thorough with your reasoning…I just wish you chose your battles more wisely. Disappointing to see a member of the community throw seemingly all their effort at something that doesn’t have a chance at happening. Again: Choose your battles.