HaloMCC LAN with 12 people!

Dear 343 and fellow Halo players,
At this moment, 12 Halo players are LANNING at our house. We have 3 tvs and all of them are full of players. We are not playing Halo 5, but rather instead, we are playing Halo MCC–mainly Halo 1, 2, and H2A. I am grateful for Halo MCC although saddened by the reality that future gaming may limit what makes the Halo experience so great.

Join our game everyone! We are playing all the great games!

Invite DoorM4n and Ill invite you.

We have a periscope also!

We have twitch too!

Join us!

I completely agree! And these customs are fun as hell

I got to join in on that the other night. Was pretty fun.