Has anyone ever been to http://www.halomaps.org/

And have you ever used XBC 5.1

I went there just now using your link.

I use to go there all the time for all my Halo Custom Edition map needs, I’ve kind of stopped going there after I picked up Crysis, and got me an Xbox.
Why you ask?

I used to go there when I was looking for Custom Edition maps to try for a machinima. Never got around to making the machinima though and haven’t been back for a year or two.

Cant say I have ever…

Used to go there all the time, back when me and friends would goof off at school by playing Halo PC on LAN whenever we finished our work early, heheh. Last time I went there was months ago, to download resources for setting up a dedi server running a Halo 3-style Infection hack.

Can’t say I’ve ever used XBC, though. That’s the hack people used to do networked Xbox multiplayer, by tricking Halo into thinking it was system-linked with the other players, yes?

I still use both sites pretty frequently. CMT is going to be rolling out their SPv3 campaign mod soon at halomaps.com and I still love to play some Halo 2 multiplayer over XBC.