Hello, im the Chief Administrator of HaloHQ. A community dedicated to the continuation of clan vs. clan warfare, (all in good spirits of course).
As the previous leader of a clan, I found it hard to find teams willing to have a match, and those who did always wanted to use MLG settings (nothing wrong with that of course).
HaloHQ’s mission is to provide the matchmaking world of Halo with a place to network with other groups and set up competitive gaming environments that meet everyone’s needs.

For example, not all groups are into MLG gaming, HaloHQ offers a sleuth of events throughout the year. Including tournaments with multiple game types and settings available.
When tournaments aren’t being run, you can simply challenge other teams to a friendly clan v. clan match using our Team Database.

Besides, Tournaments, HaloHQ will also be running a variety of different contests, including:

> Screen Shot Contests
> Forge Map Contests
> Top 50 Clan/Community Website Contests

If you are the leader of a clan or a Halo group and want to take part in what we offer, visit our website http://halohq.enjin.com

We are also in need of staff, if you have prior experience in the following fields:

> Website Administration
> Forum Moderation
> Public Relations/Human Resources
> Graphic Design
> Journalism

Then visit the site as well for job details.

“HaloHQ, where it all comes full circle™”