HaloHQ Clan Database

Are you the leader of a team, a squad, a group, a gaggle, a clan, a nation?

Well if you are we need your help! HaloHQ is in the process of constructing an Active Clan Database. The purpose of this database is to create a list of active Halo groups in the hopes that clans can use it to contact other clans for alliances, mixers, challenges, etc…

There are a few stipulations before a clan can be added to the database:

  1. You must post all necessary information at our site
  2. You must be the leader or a leader of your group to submit the information.
  3. Your group must have been active for a period of at least 3 months
  4. You must have at least 5 active members in your group
  5. You must have an active website (be that public forum, public user group, whatever, but you must have something)

If you are interested in your clan becoming part of the database, hit up our website http://halohq.enjin.com and submit the required information.

HaloHQ, where it all comes full circle™

I am the chief administrator over at HaloHQ a clan networking and tournament website, obviously specifically aimed at Halo based games.

We are not a clan, we are simply a community resource looking to fill a void in the Halo-verse.

HaloHQ is primarily concerned about competitive gaming in Halo. We want to see more teams having clan battles on a more frequent basis.
The philosophy of HaloHQ is, why have a clan if you aren’t willing to battle other clans? Yes, its fun to just raid servers with your friends or clan mates and just dominate, but why not put your teams skills to the real test and battle other teams?
At HaloHQ that is what we are hoping to accomplish. We do host tournaments from time to time, but we are looking to expand upon that.

As the previous leader of a Halo clan I understand the difficulties of not only trying to find a suitable group to have a clan battle with, but finding groups that are interested in having one at all.

Our Mission at HaloHQ is to bring groups together in the spirit of healthy, fair, and fun competition.
To help us do this, we have a verity of HaloHQ Sanctioned Events and Programs

> * A collective Clan Database of active Halo clans
> *Multitude of Clan and Individual activities including:
> Screen Shot Contests
> Forge Map Contests
> Top 50 Clan/Community Websites
> Tournaments
> *Clan forums available
> *Clan Recruitment opportunities
> *And of course the ability to meet and speak with other clans and leaders of clans.

We do have stipulations for clans looking to join the Clan Database:

> *Who ever is posting the information must be a leader or co-leader of the organization.
> *Your clan must have a website or other web based community.
> *You must have at least 5 active members.
> *Clan must be active for no less than 3 months

Individuals are welcome to check us out as well as we will be hosting FFA tournaments and the Screen Shot Contests are all judged individually.

If you want your team to be apart of this and we very much hope that you do, please visit our website http://halohq.enjin.com for more information and the complete details on how to get added to the HaloHQ Clan Database.

If you are the leader of a clan and haven’t registered your group with HaloHQ, I don’t know what you are waiting for?
The process is quick and easy and everything is free…The only thing this Database can do is bolster your clans visibility.
So visit our site http://halohq.enjin.com and get your clan added today!