Sorry for the Name guys, I couldn’t really think of a Good one atm. So here’s what it would be:
This would be a Firefight Gametype, that would have it’s own playlist.
It would be more like FF Versus, but the Human team would also have AI’s and they would be dropped from Pelicans. Vehicles would also be dropped when the other team gets them too, to balance it out. It would pretty much be a HUGE battle that would go on until the game ends, and whichever team has the most points, wins. This would be awesome, and very enjoyable. You wouldn’t be able to spawn with power weapons though, as that wouldn’t be very fair. And if you died during the Wave, you wouldn’t be able to spawn until the next wave. Each wave, more troops are dropped off for both sides, and if you died last wave, you’re dropped off in a Pelican/Phantom/Other Dropship along with your troops. This would make much more sense and it would be awesome to make a movie out of this. Please add this along with Floodfight, which is self explainatory. Thanks!
BTW, would you like this to be added to Halo 4, or possibly even Halo: Reach as a new FF Gametype?

I kinda like the idea. Sounds a little like the old Star Wars Battlefront. But you add a little spin on it, you control a character supported by AI squad members against another army. You could have it where once you die as your Spartan, you can respawn 2 more time per round as a weaker marine or possibly ODST reinforcements (no shields or weaker health, etc). With those acting as your extra lives for the round, that way making it important to play tactically and not lose your stronger Spartan straight off the bat by running in to a battle zone all guns blazing.

It could work well, but there would need to be some sort of objective or else it’s just team slayer with bots. I’d love to see some sort of round based KOTH or Invasion type mode too. Something that forces the enemy to fall back by capturing territories. Maybe like the War gametype from Call of Duty 3 and CoD: World at War.