Halocraft Halo in Minecraft

I was thinking of starting a megabuild in Minecraft that recreates the entire halo story. After completion of the build, I would U/L the map for free public download, and possibly port it in sections into the source engine (ala Half Life, Portal, and Team Fortress) (note: [See Legal stuff 1]). I was also thinking about making an add on pack for the MC gun mod (SDK’s Gun mod) that adds haloesq weapons.

If someone would like to help me in this endeavor, than please hit me up with a PM

Link to thread on minecraft forums:

Legal stuff:
Doing such is 100% legal because I would only be using the original halo maps and etc as inspiration, and would not be directly importing them into ether MC or the source engine. All content created would be 100% original.
All rights are owned by their owners.
Minecraft is © 2009-2012 by Mojang
Source, Half Life, Portal, and team fortress, are trademarked by valve
SDK’s Gun mod © SDK 2010
Halo © MGS and 343 Industries 1999-2012
The things i do to not get sued…

Yes! :smiley:

I have a server up. address is halocraftbts.dlinkddns.com server is running snapshot 12W9A