WWW.HALOCOMMUNITY.COM is looking for all the old school gamers that have been playing halo for years and understand how to have fun but love playing competitive at the same time. By old schoolers i mean 30 plus or gamers that have played halo for 10 years that love the game. Our site has so much to do for its members from GAME NIGHTS to AWARDS to GIVEAWAYS etc… Make sure you get over and signup at WWW.HALOCOMMUNITY.COM and be part of our old schoolers and have some fun wit us!!

add gt… bigdaddy b0mber

Dont be shy!! Get over to WWW.HALOCOMMUNITY.COM and roll with the old schoolers that love to have fun but can actually play halo!! Were a great community with alot of game nights and leaderboards tournys etc… Jump in our chatbox and say hi