Halo5 Warzone

My forums post about 343’s Farming Fix, Limiting fireteams to Six in Halo5 WarZone. First off I’m a 148 so I have played a few thousand games, I think it’s so stupid first off, The only reason why I get on halo is to talk to friends, Make friends and Play in big clusters of people. It’s helped me overcome my anxiety but that’s another topic Anyways I Play in big clusters of people Not because I suck, or I need carried. But more because it’s productive. I would more rather get a team of 12 that is good, Gets kills, Are high levels, Slay, Get bosses and have mics. Than 6 randoms that suck, I have played Halo5 Warzone alone and it’s still messed up even with the temporary Fix. I have Played several games where I got farmed still. First off I’m not a horrible player. I get 20-24 kills per game with up to 10 deaths. And still manage to lose every single game that in go in alone Unless I get good randoms. But I have Won a few. I have a 70% With percentage because I played with good teams. But limiting the teams to 6 puts that in complete crisis mode. 343 I’m Despising you right now. I hope you fix Halo5 Warzone soon and get rid of the teams of 6, Heck Made it 20 on 20 or 18 on 18, Improve that. Or temporarily make big team 12 of 12 because 8 of 8 is actually small as crap. You really need to improve the req pay in arena also lo